Canadian Grand Prix: Formula 1 Odds, Props, Betting Preview

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canadian grand prix odds

With F1 coming to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal this Father’s Day weekend, the excitement is off the charts for the second of five North American races this season. With Mercedes finally showing off their redesigned car’s newfound speed in Spain and Aston Martin promising upgrades in Montreal, the Canadian Grand Prix is going to make for an intriguing weekend of F1 betting. Plus, the best sports betting sites are offering a large catalog of Canadian Grand Prix odds, including several props.

The Canadian Grand Prix will be on Sunday, June 18th at 2 p.m. ET on ABC/ESPN 2/ESPN+ in the United States and TSN in Canada.

Canadian Grand Prix Odds: Race Winner

Race Preview

70 laps around Canada’s premier race track, drivers will face long straights, narrow track, and unforgivingly tight margins for error. With Turn 14 dubbed the Wall of Champions for all the legends who have crashed there, there’s a lot of ways things can go wrong in Montreal – and a lot of ways things can get interesting.

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Predicting The Winner From Canadian Grand Prix Odds

To predict anything other than a Max Verstappen victory seems absurd after the season he’s had, but the conditions for it might be there in Montreal. Even though Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a purpose built motor sports track, its narrow design drives very much like a street circuit – which is where Sergio “Checo” Perez thrives.

Montreal has been a mixed record for Checo, but Montreal’s absence from the calendar in 2020 and 2021 has deprived us of being able to see him drive it in his best cars. Managing to drag a Sauber to the podium in 2012 and getting 5th in a Force India both show a comfort with the track, despite a mechanical DNF in 2022.

Max is obviously the likely answer, but it’s the boring one. If not Checo, Lewis Hamilton looked quite strong in Barcelona after Mercedes’ upgrades, and he has been something of a Montreal fan over the years. Lewis has won 7 of the 13 Canadian GPs since his entry into the sport, and his quotes from after Barcelona suggest he’s more at ease behind the wheel than he has been since his last win in November 2021.

Obviously, if you’re betting against Max you’re betting either on safety car luck, his Red Bull failing to get to the end of the race, or a rare mistake from the Dutchman. Focusing on the prop markets and not the outright makes sense, but if you’re looking for the rush of an outright win, Checo and Lewis are the non-Max bets to consider.

Top Six Odds

One of the underrated stories of this F1 season has been the success of Alpine. Overshadowed by Aston Martin’s jump forward, Alpine has been consistently putting their cars in the points. Both Alpine’s have been in the points three races running, and outside of Australia – where they crashed into each other during the wild ending restart – and Baku, at least one car’s been in the points in every race.

Given Ferrari’s recent lack of pace and Lance Stroll’s inconsistency, an opening exists for Alpine to score substantial points here. Esteban’s Ocon has managed two 6th place finishes in Canada before, including last year, and is coming off a podium in Monaco two races ago. With Montreal’s narrow streets and opportunities for crashes galore, Ocon could easily find himself inside the Top Six. At +285, it’s worth a heavy look. 

Points Props

With this F1 season having five teams – Red Bull, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Alpine – that should, barring mechanical issues or crashes, have their ten cars above the rest, trying to find cars that can sneak into the points has been a challenge this season. That said, Alex Albon at Williams is a good shout this week.

Albon came in 13th last year in a car that wasn’t as close to competitive as this year’s car, but more importantly, this circuit should work well for the Williams. Their one distinctive feature is their brilliant straight line speed, which should do wonders down the back straight into the start/finish line. If Albon is trying to pass, the long DRS zones will help him pass, but his elite straight line speed will stop cars behind him from being able to do the same. At +300, it’s a great price when we’ve seen what he can do at tracks with similar layouts. 

Additionally, considering Albon to make Q3 in Saturday’s Qualifying might be another way to get at the same upside – he made Q3 in Australia, a similarly straight heavy track, and nearly did in Miami and Baku as well. 

Best of luck with all your Canadian Grand Prix betting.

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