Gearing Up For The Manila Major, League Of Legends Swings Into Summer, And Watching Out For Overwatch Is What’s On This Week In Esports

Written By Ollie Ring on May 31, 2016 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]So what’s in store for esports bettors this week?

On the esportsbook side of things, Betway is offering something quite unusual while SkyBet and Bet365 continue to have a solid selection and Coral sits on the sidelines.

Read on for a roundup of what the major esports betting sites are offering for the week.

In terms of events, League of Legends gears up for a busy season with the focus this week on Asia and Europe. As for Dota 2, all the attention is heading to the Philippines, where The Manila Major will shortly get started.

The bookies and what they’re offering

SkyBet continue to expand and maintain an established esports offering, whilst Pinnacle struggle to keep up with the depth of markets available from competitors.

BetWay have an intriguing ante-post offering whilst several other esports bookmakers continue to lack depth in their esports offering.

Here’s the weekly round-up.


Pinnacle have esports betting odds on the majority of the action, as we would come to expect from one of the few esports-oriented bookmakers out on the market.

The site sticks to the main three esports in Dota, League of Legends and CS:GO and offers match betting as well as handicap match betting. There’s a surprising lack of depth to the bets that can be placed and there’s little to no ante-post betting ahead of some of the biggest esports tournaments in the calendar.


SkyBet may not have some of the smaller fixtures in the biggest esports but what it does have is depth in its markets.

As we are now growing accustomed to seeing from SkyBet, the site offers up to 26 markets in League of Legends and a more limited but still substantial amount in Dota. You are yet again able to bet on the first Roshan/Dragon slain, and even kill numbers which separates them from other bookmakers.

Call of Duty features again, which shows that SkyBet has now fully implemented CoD as one of its main esports offerings. Again, there is no ante-post betting available.


Betway have gone big this week in Dota 2. It is offering a wide variety of ante-post betting that is unseen on any other bookmaker’s website.

You can bet on the region that the winning team comes from, teams to reach the final and even fun match-ups on which heroes will be most picked or banned. Although there are 18 markets for each game, punters looking to gamble on Dota will probably steer clear of the “odd or even” amount of kills markets that Betway has for each map.

There is no market for Roshan but there is a market for First Blood. The offerings for all other esports remain solid, with 15/16 markets available for League and a good variety of match betting and ante-post betting available across all competitions.


Bet365 continues to have a solid offering and has introduced more in-depth markets in League of Legends with First Inhibitor Destroyed, First Dragon Slayed, Total Barons Slain, Race to 10 kills etc.

The site’s Dota match betting remains limited but it is the only bookmaker of the main esports competitors to offer Group Betting markets for the Group Stages of the Manila Major. It also has action from Call of Duty as well as CS:GO gambling.

Ladbrokes, PaddyPower and Coral

PaddyPower is offering limited match betting on Dota, CS:GO and League this week with ante-post odds on tournament winners also available.

Similarly, Ladbrokes is offering match betting and map betting on each of the big titles and games this week. Meanwhile, Coral again doesn’t surprise anyone with no markets available.

What’s on this week in esports?

The frenetic world of esports is back on pace with action aplenty across all of the major games.

League of Legends

This week we have a mixture of European and Asian action in the League of Legends scene.

The Korean League continues which showcases some of the strongest teams and strongest talent in the world, whilst European LCS also continues.

Later in the week, the Chinese League resumes and some of the strongest North American teams will also compete. It’s set to be busy in League of Legends for quite some time now, with the cogs whirring following the short break after MSI.


Shifting over to Starcraft, we’ll see reasonable levels of activity this week, with all of the action coming from Korea. Some of the top names in Starcraft will fight it out in GSL Season 2.


Counter-Strike continues in its regular league format, with top teams competing against each other in ELEAGUE, and some of the lower tier teams competing in both Operation Kinguin and the Razer Rising Stars League.

Dota 2

It’s not long until the eagerly-anticipated Manila Major gets underway.

The first Valve Dota event to grace the Filipino shores puts $3 million at stake as the top sixteen teams fight it out. This week sees the group stages take place before the main event gets underway, concluding on June 12.

Heroes of the Storm

There’s limited HotS action this week, but some of the best North American teams continue to compete in the North American Summer Regional before Super League 2016 continues later in the week.


The game is out and the first few tournaments have been played.

Overwatch and esports fans alike will be waiting for any announcement of further tournaments as the professional scene starts to take shape. A fabulously frantic game, it’s great to watch as well as to play and could well be the next esport to really take off.

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