Starcraft 2 Betting Guide

Starcraft 2 Betting Guide

March 21, 2018

A game that in many ways provided the template for the modern eSports industry, StarCraft  2 continues to play a major role across all aspects of eSports even as other titles come into their own and boast increasingly larger player and fan bases.

The role of StarCraft 2 in the eSports betting ecosystem

  • Skin betting: StarCraft 2 is not part of the skin betting vertical.
  • eSportsbookAt one point, SC2 was the dominant title for betting on eSports in terms of handle. Those days are now in the past, but the game continues to generate a larger share of handle than all but a couple of top games.
  • Fantasy eSports: SC2 is not a significant part of the market for fantasy eSports.

Current odds for StarCraft 2

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Historical fixtures across selection of bookmakers

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Game snapshot

Starcraft II is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game made by Blizzard Entertainment. It follows the original Starcraft lore, with the three playable species being Protoss, Terran and Zerg.

  • Each species has a basic campaign which goes through lore and how to play the game to a higher level of the basics, allowing for a better experience in multiplayer. The game is arguably the roughest of the most professional Esport games having large amounts of micro management and a lot of information given to the player at once.
  • The multiplayer side pits you against opponents by developing your base and economy over time whilst hindering the enemy’s timings. Building up your base around the command centre with minerals developed from mining, creating barracks, factories and all manner of other buildings.
  • After building your base and armies you can send them throughout the map to destroy your opponent’s buildings.
  • The ultimate goal is to win the game, and a player does this by obliterating his enemy off the map, destroying every building or have them surrender before this event.