League of Legends Betting Guide

League of Legends Betting Guide

March 21, 2018

The explosive growth of League of Legends has definitely carried over into the world of eSports betting, where League occupies a dominant spot in two key eSports betting verticals – and would likely dominate other verticals if given the opportunity. More on League of Legends real-money betting and current odds for LoL betting from major sportsbooks below.

The role of LoL in the eSports betting ecosystem

  • Skin betting: League of Legends is not a factor in the market for skin betting.
  • eSportsbook: Our analysis suggests that LoL is the most popular title when it comes to cash betting on eSports matches by volume.
  • Fantasy eSports: LoL is arguably the most popular product across all fantasy eSports products.

Current odds for League of Legends

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Historical fixtures across selection of bookmakers

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Key resources


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Game snapshot

League of Legends – LoL –  is Riot’s free to play 5v5 MOBA game set in “Summoner’s Rift” on the Red team or the Blue team, although other arenas for special game modes are present, for example the Howling abyss.

  • Each player takes the role of a summoner, who summons one of the 130 champions to battle with. Each hero has 4 unique active abilities to fight with, as well as another passive ability which affects how the champion is designed the play.
  • Players must kill enemy minions to acquire gold, buy items and gain experience to level up which make their champion stronger.  Both teams demand certain roles to become the strongest it can be and the metagame means any hero in any role isn’t viable. Some champions aren’t good in a 1v1 scenario so aren’t great feasible mid laners for example.
  • Each team generally requires one support player and a bot lane farmer constituting the whole bottom lane, a solo top laner to pressure the map, a tempo controlling mid laner and a jungler who controls buffs, provides aid around the map and controls dragon.
  • Each team must plan out tactics and execute strategies to take turrets to develop map control allowing for easier Dragon control and Baron control. This also gives the team in the lead a stronger ability to control the enemy jungle and initiate ganks to snowball further. After overpowering your opponent the goal is the break into the enemy stronghold, destroy the nexus turrets and win the game by destroying the enemy Nexus.