Esports Betting Roundup: Betway Trots Out Enhanced Multiples, The International Prize Pool Continues To Deepen

Written By Ollie Ring on July 4, 2016 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]Pinnacle continue to stagnate whilst it’s a steady week for most other esports bookmakers. Betway is the first to introduce Enhanced Multiples into the esports scene.

Let’s have a closer look at what’s going on this week across esports betting sites as well as on the events side of things.

The bookies and what they’re offering


Pinnacle continue to disappoint.

The site’s esports portal has had no update or betting previews since 2015 and there’s even an article from 2014 on the front page.

The website is laid out in a frustrating manner and whilst Pinnacle offers map betting and match betting, it lacks the depth that other sites such as Bet365, Betway and SkyBet are starting to display regularly.


This week looks more of a quiet week for SkyBet with no dramatic new features or esports appearing.

For the smaller games at the start of the week, the markets are relatively restricted. But as we move towards the bigger teams playing, the markets tend to expand again and betting on Roshan/Baron still remains.

The only disappointment is the lack of ante-post betting for any of the big esports events.


Whilst there’s not a huge amount of depth in the markets, with Betway just offering match betting on the bulk of its markets, the site does have something new this week. It has introduced the traditional sports “Enhanced Multiples” to its esports ESL Cologne offering, with two different options for odds of 9/1 and 4/1.

We’re not totally convinced Betway has noticed that if you were to select the four teams in the site’s enhanced 9/1 accumulator and place your own four fold, you would get odds of 9.05/1, but the sentiment is there!


The depth is again there for Bet365 as it covers the major fixtures across all three main esports.

The site’s League of Legends offering is substantial with regards to the match-betting as we have now come to expect.

Additionally, Bet365 is the only bookmaker to already offer ante-post markets on CS:GO’s ELeague, Dota 2’s The Summit and The International and many other events. If you fancy some Group Betting on ESL One Cologne or an early bet on the winner of The Summit, Bet365 is your place to go.

The usual sign-up bonus applies.

Ladbrokes, PaddyPower and Coral

Ladbrokes is offering its typical match betting on Dota 2, League, CS:GO and an ante-post market for the Starcraft 2 tournament at the end of June. The site’s offering on Overwatch has already disappeared.

PaddyPower has ante-post betting for a good few events now, which makes a pleasant change to the normally sparse offering. Coral continues to offer nothing.

What’s on this week in esports?

There’s plenty of action for esports fans across multiple platforms this week. Here’s a glance:

League of Legends

The whole world is in League of Legends action again as its regional split continues. It’s set to continue for another month as the double round robin format league for each region moves towards the closing stages.

There’s rarely a quiet week in League.


There’s nothing going on in Starcraft this week.


It’s an exciting week as ESL Cologne is on all week with the top teams competing from all over the world. The event finishes on Sunday the 10th and with a prize pool of $1,000,000 to be shared, it’s sure to bring the best out of the teams.

Other, smaller leagues also continue this week.

Dota 2

The buildup to The International is here, and the prize pool keeps on growing.

This week sees a lot of online action with joinDOTA getting back underway as well as Pro Dota and the Loot Market Invitational. The best of the online action is to be seen in the Global Grand Masters.

Another premier LAN is also underway on the 6th July with Nanyang taking place in Shanghai and, despite a few late withdrawals, several top teams attending.

Heroes of the Storm

There’s very little HotS bar a couple of all Korean fixtures in the Power League.


There is nothing happening in Hearthstone this week after a relatively busy week last week.


Competitive Overwatch play has been released and has come under a fair bit of criticism, so Blizzard, the game’s creator, will need to address concerns fairly quickly. It doesn’t prevent the plethora of games that Overwatch has to offer with some of the world’s best competing.

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