Esports Betting Outlook: LoL Worlds, CS:GO ELEAGUE And PUBG Action

Written By Laurence Stanley on October 10, 2017 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]Some of the world’s biggest esports events are taking place this week, attracting the attention of millions of fans and bettors alike.

  • The League of Legends World Championship is soon to begin its second week of the group stage.
  • Eight teams remain in the $1,000,000 CS:GO ELEAGUE Premier 2017.
  • Dota 2 is back with an incredibly busy schedule of world-class tournaments.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) continues to evolve as certain teams show their strength in the competitive world.

Where to bet on esports

The next few weeks will be among the busiest in the year for esports betting. With this much extra money floating about, the bookies will be begging for your business. Make the most of the value odds and offers while they last.


The UK-based book has shown no sign of slowing down its esports offerings in recent weeks. Bet365 continuously has been among the top bookmakers for esports betting and it seems it will stay that way for some time. This is largely due to its huge range of esports markets available and frequently being the first betting site to publish them.

It’s clear that PUBG is creating a buzz right now, and Bet365 is fully aware. The site has offered odds on every major PUBG tournament yet, despite the game still being in beta mode.


Clearly huge fans of CS:GO, Betway is part way through another massive sponsorship deal with ESL Pro League. As its official betting partner, Betway is likely to add some special bets to matches throughout the tournament. It’s also offering cash out on ESL Pro League games, should you wish to bag an early profit or ditch your bet at the last minute.

Outside of CS:GO, Betway has a healthy selection of LoL, Dota and StarCraft 2 odds to browse through.


Yet again, SkyBet has almost identical odds and events to Betway. As its site offers no other esports-specific promotions, Sky is unlikely to appeal to many die-hard esports fans.

Despite this, it’s always worth opening an account with SkyBet to make the most out of their welcome offer and keep an eye on the live odds.


After a dry spell in recent weeks, Pinnacle is back at it with a nice amount of esports to play with. CS:GO, Dota, Warcraft, Starcraft and LoL are available to bet on with some of the best odds in the industry due to its incredibly low margins.

Pinnacle is definitely worth having an account with and snapping up high odds while they last. Don’t be put off by the lack of welcome bonus, their odds certainly make up for it.


Despite one of the biggest esports events of the year taking place this week (LoL Worlds), Unikrn listed its odds for late. This is disappointing for a betting that solely focuses on esports events.

CS:GO odds were up early, and more markets for other esports came late as well. Couple that with some very generous free bet offers and this makes it a fantastic choice for CS:GO bettors.


Betspawn has a lot going for it. Not only does the site look great, but it continues to be packed with tons of esports events and generous odds.

This week, you’ll find odds for CS:GO, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and Warcraft. Its odds for LoL Worlds came online a bit later, as well. has been busy with its PUBG Shroud odds for some weeks now, but that seems to have come to an end. The esports-only betting site now has odds for LoL, CS:GO, Dota and Starcraft.


Unibet has continued its theme of publishing odds for the big three esports this week (CS:GO, LoL and Dota). Although this doesn’t seem much, it deserves some credit for listing LoL Worlds odds before some esports-only sites.

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This week in esports events

League of Legends

The group stage of the LoL Worlds has been full of action after starting last week. So far, each team has played three maps to prove their worth and move onto the quarterfinals.

The competition has been extremely tough this year, as always. This is even more so for the teams such as Cloud9 who have fought their way into the group stages after surviving the all-new play-in stage that was added to this year’s event.

  1. Over in Group A, SK Telecom leads the way with a score of 3-0, while EDward Gaming sit at the bottom of the group with 0-3.
  2. Group B sees another 3-0 lead by Longzhu Gaming with Fnatic in last place with 0-3.
  3. Playing on its home turf, Royal Never Give Up holds first place in Group C with a 3-0 lead with 1907 Fenerbahçe clinging to last place at 0-3.
  4. Although it’s still early days, Group D seems to be sitting on a knife edge with Team SoloMid, Team WE and Misfits all joint first place, with Flash Wolves failing to win a map on a score of 0-3.

Immortals and GIGABYTE Marines will play first on Wednesday to continue the group stage. As frustrating as it is to be knocked out at this stage of the tournament, any team that fails to survive will receive well over $20,000 in prize money for their troubles.


With $1 million to play for, the CS:GO ELEAGUE Premier of 2017 continues Tuesday. Eight teams remain in the fight to become champions of the event, which is one of the largest CS:GO events of the year in terms of prize money and quality of teams attending.

After SK Gaming’s dramatic exit against Heroic, it’s now a much more open tournament for smaller teams to push through. Having said that, FaZe is quite rightly favored to win at odds of 3.50 (Bet365) with Astralis a close second at 4.50.

The grand final will take place this Friday (the 13th). Despite the unlucky date, there will certainly be one team lucky enough to take the trophy and $500,000 in prize money.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is back with another huge season of tournaments.

Starting things off in style, the SL i-League begins on Thursday with $300,000 and 300 Pro Circuit Points up for grabs.

PGL will shortly follow in the following week but most Dota fans are eyeing the first major of the reason, ESL One Hamburg 2017. Eight teams will be competing for a million dollars and 1,500 Pro Circuit Points. The tournament will run Oct. 26-29.


The Auzum Premier League has caught the eye of a few bookmakers in recent weeks, mostly notably Bet365, who was among the first (and only) bookies to price the event up. 

Gorilla Core e-Sports sits in first place with 222 points and 80 kills, whilst PENTA occupies second place with 194 points and 64 kills. Clearly taking a different approach to the game, No Loot Gaming holds on in third place with 192 points despite only having 33 kills between them. They seem to be proving a point that there are other ways of dominating the PUBG world besides aggressive play.

The tournament will have undoubtedly had plenty of teething problems due to the game being far from releasable. Fans of the game have been experiencing server problems on an almost daily basis alongside a number of glitches, some of which are quite comical. Despite the problems, the PUBG fanbase is ever-growing and the development team is actively working on making the game “esports ready.”

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