Esports Betting Outlook: Kiev Major Kicks Off Huge Esports Season

Written By Matt Perry on April 17, 2017 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]This week it’s mostly League of Legends action to follow (surprise, surprise) but we’re on the verge of an insane few months for CS:GO and Dota 2 fans – plus there’s some good old-fashioned StarCraft II action to be watched.

Before that, we first have the $3 million Kiev Major on the agenda. That kicks off exactly one week from today.

Where to bet on esports


Betway is as reliably esports-centric as ever, and despite not having the most markets might be the best esports betting site for diehard fans. This month, Betway has weekly free bets for esports fans in the Month of Mayhem promotion. Its esports focus and innovation is to be commended.


On the other hand, SkyBet is rarely innovating within the world of esports betting, but is consistently one of the most comprehensive esports betting sites. So long as SkyBet offers such a vast selection of esports betting markets, it will always be on top of the pile.


Speaking of a huge selection of esports betting markets, Bet365 rounds out the top three with an immense list of bets. For an esports betting fan, it’s difficult to imagine a game that Bet365 or SkyBet would not have covered.


Pinnacle is trying hard to reclaim the crown and become the king of esports betting once again. After all, this site literally wrote the book on esports betting. Once Pinnacle is competitive with markets again, which isn’t far off, it could perhaps do with a navigation revamp.


Unikrn often falls behind other esports betting sites during these times, when lesser-known and more niche esports aren’t running any major events. When it just comes down to the big esports, this site can’t compete with the major sportsbooks.


Ladbrokes is slipping after what appeared to be a renaissance of esports betting, but to the site’s credit it is offering some lesser-covered markets which means there is perhaps value here; FIFA and Street Fighter bets are rare.


Once again, PaddyPower lags behind other sites in terms of both game coverage and the number of markets available – this week, the Irish bookmaker has just five markets available for esports betting fans.

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The week in esports events

Ahead of a fantastic summer for esports betting fans and regular fans alike, let’s see what’s going on in the major tournaments and matches of the world.

Dota 2

Today, we’re one week from the Kiev Major and a $3 million prize pool. However, the Dota 2 action is continuing long into the summer, where there’s another $350,000 to be won in May, plus $700,000 more in June.


There’s StarCraft action on both sides of the Pacific this month, with the Global StarCraft II League beginning this week in Seoul. There’s over $150,000 to play for there, but in the middle of it we’ll see 80 of the world’s best head to Austin, Texas, for the $100,000 World Championship Series.

League of Legends

We’re well into the end of all the Spring Playoff games now, with last week seeing five come to a close. This week we’ll be concluding another six as we roll on to the summer. Plus, at the end of this month, the Mid-Season Invitational is kicking off.


Major CS:GO tournaments are having something of a breather ahead of an action-packed summer that will see over $2.3 million awarded to players in Sydney, Dallas, London, Cologne and Krakow.


The Hearthstone Global Games is underway, with 48 players fighting for a $300,000 prize pot. However, we’ll have to wait a while before it concludes all the way in November.

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