Survey: Esports Betting Operators See Wagering Activity Increasing This Year And Next

Written By Dustin Gouker on September 8, 2017 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]Nearly all current esports betting stakeholders expect to see sizable growth in the sector over the next year, according to survey data from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming.

Esports betting growth to continue?

Eilers & Krejcik’s August report on esports and gambling included a quarterly survey of stakeholders (operators, data providers) in the esports betting market.

That survey data, which covered a wide range of topics. Perhaps the most interesting nugget is that all those surveyed believed that betting on esports activity will grow in the immediate future.

From the report:

No one replied to the survey with the belief that esports betting activity would plateau or shrink. Where does that optimism come from? Nearly all of those same operators said they experienced growth over the past year, as well.

You can find the entire report and survey data here (paywall).

Number of sites offering esports betting on the rise

Betting on esports was not widespread, even just a few years ago.

Pinnacle has been in the market for some time. But it took a while for the traditional sports betting industry to get involved. The sheer number of operators and markets available has increased exponentially alongside interest in esports themselves. Now there is no shortage of places where you can bet on esports.

There are also esportsbooks that don’t take any action on traditional sports.

The future of esports betting?

Forecasting what’s next for esports betting, or for the esports industry writ large, is certainly difficult to do.

New game titles pop up all the time, but only some gain traction as a serious esport. Overwatch has cleared that hurdle with its planned league, with tens of millions being spent on franchise rights.

The newest hot title is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has seen fast growth. It’s also attracted the interest of esports betting sites, with some platforms taking bets on the game.

Interestingly, PUBG is also the title that esports betting survey respondents identified as being the new game most likely to generate significant wagering activity in the next year.

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