Editorial Policies

TheLines is an online publication covering the legal US sports betting industry, as well as the daily fantasy sports landscape.

Our commitment to readers is to help make better bettors by providing timely and accurate odds, information, and analysis.

Areas of Coverage

TheLines reports on all developments in the US sports betting and DFS+ industries, including odds movement, sportsbook launches, and regulatory developments. In addition, our expert sports betting writers provide data-driven analysis to help our readers make informed sports betting decisions.

Our coverage topics include, but are not limited to:

  • NFL Odds
  • College Football Odds
  • NBA Odds
  • Golf Odds
  • College Basketball Odds
  • Horse Racing Betting
  • Sports Betting Sites
  • DFS Sites

Sponsored posts

TheLines does not currently accept or post purchased content, including the use of sponsored guest posts.

We do not run ads on our website that would confuse users as to what is news content and what is an advertisement.

editorial process

Writers at TheLines strive to write the majority of content from primary sources while adding their own analysis and expertise to the post. Every post published on TheLines is thoroughly looked at by editors and undergoes a fact-checking process. Our editorial team is responsible for checking the accuracy of the post and scanning for grammatical errors.

We always credit the original source for our content. TheLines does not accept user-generated content on the site.

We encourage our writers to use their expertise to add analysis and perspective to their written content.

Errors and Feedback

TheLines aims for an extremely high standard of accuracy in all of our content. Content goes through multiple editorial review processes before being published on the site. However, we are aware that mistakes do happen.

If you spot a mistake in our coverage, we encourage you to bring it to our attention.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with your concerns or feedback.

How we make money and conflicts of interest

TheLines is a licensed affiliate site through our parent company Catena Media. We charge sports betting operators certain advertising fees, which allow us to continue providing updates on the legal sports betting industry. As a licensed affiliate, we are held to the highest regulatory standards in every state we operate in.

Regardless of advertising fees, we never report inaccurate information on our site, nor do we exclude reporting on certain topics.

Who We Are

TheLines team is comprised of journalists and expert sports betting analysts in their respective fields. They consistently stay on top of the latest trends, track odds movement, and provide timely reporting so that our audience stays up-to-date with all the changes in the regulated online gambling space.

They strive to make our audience informed bettors and promote responsible gambling as a top priority. Their dedication to responsible gambling practices includes education on bankroll management, price shopping, and knowing when to walk away.

Our team includes:

To learn more about TheLines team, visit our About Us page.