Echo Fox Has Designs Of Being Olympic Equivalent Of USA For Esports

Written By Cody Luongo on September 22, 2017 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]VFD Marketing, a Miami-based agency, turned heads a year ago by announcing its partnership with global esport franchise Echo Fox.

Two of the best in their respective crafts of marketing and competitive gaming, many gathered the convergence would yield significant and wholesome results. Today, the partnership between VFD and Echo Fox has already presented a fortune of opportunities including sponsorships and an elite brand management by VFD.

In a recent interview, VFD founding partner Elie Deshe showed just how big the designs are for Echo Fox:

“In traditional sports, you have the L.A. Lakers, who just participate in basketball. What we do is more like the Olympics and Echo Fox is set up like a country,” Deshe says. “We want [Echo Fox] to be the USA of these sports and have a great program across different events … [while wearing] the same jersey [as part of] the same team.”

That’s a lofty goal, to be sure. But can these two companies get there together?

Echo Fox remains innovative

Echo Fox is among those paving the way in esports, with teams competing in League of Legends, CS:GO, Street Fighter, Call of Duty and Super Smash Bros.

Former NBA champion Rick Fox owns the premier esports franchise and utilizes the unique skill set of former Warner Bros. executive Jace Hall as his CEO.

As for VFD Marketing, its subsidiary VFD Esports is a leader in consulting, athlete and brand management, with a focus  on the emerging professional gaming industry. Echo Fox has already inked deals with the likes of  HyperX, TipTalk and Vertagear while looking to expand further by teaming up with other non-gaming organizations.

Echo Fox has a history of venturing through ‘non-traditional’ avenues when it comes to the pro-gaming universe. The franchise differentiates itself and remains ahead of the curve by taking a modern approach to esports.

Alongside grueling practice schedules, Echo Fox supplements these harsh routines with workout regimens to maintain its athletes stamina for long, drawn-out sessions such as tournaments. The conduct towards Echo Fox’s players appears to reap rewards after taking a glance at many of the franchise’s first-place finishes.

The brand boasts many of the best professional gamers the world has to offer and aims to represent them with similar branding.

Echo Fox & VFD: A match made

VFD’s most valuable merit in its union with Echo Fox is their experience. Albeit ranging across many curriculums, many of their clients can bridge a connection to esports. Select clients of theirs are already key players in the industry such as Xbox, Playstation and Acer.

Meanwhile, the brilliance of VFD could conceivably introduce less-traditional brands previously collaborated with during an opportune time. The progressive thinking of both VFD and Echo Fox echoes the genius of teaming up together, the you closer look at it.

VFD’s resume highlights successful campaigns and management in paths such as electronic dance music and mixed martial arts. Those are industries that share a similar target demographic to that of esports where enthusiasts are between the ages of 21 and 35. It’s also a demographic seen as invaluable to marketers as the consumers are in the peak stages of building long-lasting relationships to brands.

From a marketing standpoint, esports seems the be the holy grail. Not only does VFD’s partnership with Echo Fox enable them to enter the pro-gaming world, but it apportions their reach across multiple gaming communities. Their partnership has expanded into ten more games in just over a year.

Peering into the future, the forecast for the duo would appear to be bright as more opportunities arise.

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Possibilities for Las Vegas?

The teaming up of VFD and Echo Fox seems enhanced when considering the possibilities of discussions between possessors of the upcoming Luxor esports arena and VFD’s existing Las Vegas ties.

The Esports Arena set to be brought to life in 2018 will occupy the 30,000 square foot space at the Luxor in Vegas. The aspirations for the venue surmount where few have even dreamt of going in esports; seating that surrounds a competitive stage, top-quality LED screens and whatever else Vegas can offer in a venue designed strictly for a digital sport.

Although ventured prior to the concept of Luxor’s esports arena, a venue built solely for gaming (and to this caliber) should offer those designing it some fresh new qualities for attendees.

Although there hasn’t been any public mention of discussion between VFD/Echo Fox and Luxor, it’s safe to imagine the companies are on each other’s radar.

Regardless, esport enthusiasts can look forward to seeing VFD’s seasoned marketing and Echo Fox’s premier talent continue to flourish.

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