DraftKings Online Sportsbook Review

Updated August 2020
Up to $1,025 Free
  • $25 Free on Signup
  • Up to $500 first deposit match and up to $500 risk-free first bet
  • App available for iPhone, iPad and Android

As the sports betting landscape continues to change, numerous operators are battling for market share. Some of them are established players, while others are relatively new kids on the block who are looking to shake things up.

DraftKings is one of those in the latter category.

After making a name for itself in the world of daily fantasy sports, the gaming giant set its sights on a new playing field. As the legalization of sports betting continues to take shape across the US, DraftKings is inserting itself into the conversation in a big way.

Sign Up Bonus Up to $1,025
Up To $1,025 Free
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Let’s take a closer look at what DraftKings has to offer.

By the time you read this through, you’ll have a good handle on what the company brings to the table and if the platform is right for you. We’ll begin by examining how DraftKings continues to attract a lot of attention from sports bettors.

DraftKings welcome bonus

In order to attract new users in the growing sports betting marketplace, operators have to provide something that gets their attention.

DraftKings does that and then some.

As a new player, you will be entitled to an extremely generous welcome bonus worth up to $1,025.

New signups receive $25 worth of free bets, simply for signing up for an account. DraftKings is also offering a 20% matched deposit bonus worth up to $500, as well as a Risk Free Bet up to $500.

DraftKings Sportsbook Promo Code

Online Sportsbook DraftKings Sportsbook
DraftKings Promo CodeNot needed - click here
Total Bonus$1,025
Free on Signup$25
Deposit Bonus20% up to $500
Risk Free BetUp to $500
Legal StatesNJ, WV, PA, IN, IA, NH, CO and IL
Last VerifiedAugust 2020

Do I need a bonus or promo code for DraftKings Sportsbook?

No, a promo or bonus code isn’t necessary.

Sign up for a new account at DraftKings, and you’ll be eligible for generous offers.

How the bonus works

Merely completing the sign-up process will result in the award of $25 in free bets. These bets will come in $5 increments, and can be used for any bets the player wishes.

New signups then benefit from receiving a 20% matched bonus on their first deposit. A $2,500 deposit will release the full bonus amount worth $500.

If that’s not enough, DraftKings is also offering what amounts to a risk-free bet of up to $500. After a user signs up for the first time, he or she will naturally be looking to make some wagers. For your first bet, DraftKings will credit the same amount back to your account up to $500.

All told, new players can take advantage of a whopping up to $1,025 in bonus offers!

DraftKings VIP Loyalty rewards

Currently, DraftKings does not offer an ongoing VIP or loyalty rewards program, but it did provide one for a limited time this past summer. It’s fair to say that it was a test run for what could become a more permanent fixture in the future.

Users in the limited promotion were eligible to earn points based on their bets.

Each $1 in straight bets awarded 50 points, while parlays were worth 75 points. As points accumulated, users were able to redeem them for things such as free bets or entries into daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests.

Speaking of DFS, the company does the same thing on that side of the business. The rewards, aka “DK Crowns,” are redeemable for contest entries, merchandise, etc.

Redeem rewards at retail locations

Since DraftKings does not have a permanent loyalty program in place as of yet, the answer is no for the time being. If and when the company implements a permanent VIP loyalty program, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it be tied to the retail side of the business as well.

Join DraftKings Sportsbook and Get $25 (No Deposit) Plus Up To $1,000 in Bonuses!

DraftKings is a well-established brand that has made quite a name for itself in a few years. That’s becoming even more of a true statement as the company further establishes itself in the world of sports betting.

In states where legalization questions are being answered, and the DraftKings Sportsbook is up and running, it’s perfectly legal and safe to play on the site.

Here’s a summary of where DraftKings stands in the following states:

  • Pennsylvania: DraftKings is live in PA and launched on November 7, 2019.
  • New Jersey: The company wasted little time in becoming the first site to officially launch online in the legal NJ marketplace in the summer of 2018. DraftKings has been up and running for more than a year in the Garden State, and has emerged as a market leader.
  • West Virginia: The online marketplace in WV was without an online operator for some time in spite of sports betting being legal in the state. DraftKings stepped in to help fill the void with a launch in August.
  • Indiana: In October, DraftKings became one of the first legal sites to service the IN market. The state gave the green light to sports betting at retail locations about a month before, but the online rollout took a bit.
  • Iowa: DraftKings launched in Iowa during Feb. of 2020. The sportsbook has partnered with the Wild Rose Casino & Resort locations in Jefferson, Emmetsburg and Clinton. You can use one of the links above to download the DraftKings app and create your new account. You will, however, need to visit the Wild Rose Casino and Resort to complete the verification process.
  • New Hampshire: DraftKings is live and accepting bets in New Hampshire.
  • Colorado: DraftKings Colorado launched in May 2020.
  • Illinois: DraftKings Illinois launched in August 2020. To sign up for DraftKings Illinois, you first set up your account via our sign up links. You can download the app anytime, but you need to physically visit the DraftKings at Casino Queen Sportsbook, East St. Louis, Illinois to complete the registration process.
  • MichiganDraftKings Michigan is expected to launch in early 2021.

While there are plenty of places to play in the growing online sports betting market, not all of them are ready for primetime. Few things can be more frustrating than signing up for a site before finding out that it lacks on the technology front.

That’s not the case at DraftKings. Before entering sports betting, the company built a massive brand in the world of DFS. To get to the top, the company made a product that’s easy to use and able to handle a lot of traffic.

The company has taken its experience and transferred it over to its sports betting platform. The result is a site that’s smooth, easy to use and devoid of kinks.

DraftKings betting app review

DraftKings has a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android users. Naturally, we took the time to check both of them out. Here’s what we found:

  • Availability: The apps are easily accessible to download from the main DraftKings website, as well as via the app store that applies to your device.
  • Speed: The apps are quick and intuitive. We didn’t come across any lags or annoying glitches in our test.
  • Overall Performance: DraftKings has nailed it on mobile. The apps are similar to what you’ll find on the company’s desktop version, albeit in a condensed fashion. The mobile offering is quick and easy to use.
  • Markets: Users will find the same betting markets available on mobile as they are available with the online version of DraftKings.
  • Live Betting: The live betting feature is available for mobile app and desktop users. The layout is naturally different on smaller screens, but each works the same.
  • Bet Slip: When betting on mobile devices, the betting slip feature sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. DraftKings does a solid job here, as well. Players can minimize the betting slip quickly and restore it without it disappearing altogether.
  • General Layout: The layout of the DraftKings mobile app is clean and easy to navigate. The app is responsive and does the trick, and it does so without being overly sensitive or having any annoying hiccups that impact the overall experience.
  • Cashier: The cashier function on mobile is easy to use and responsive to the touch. Depositing the app is a piece of cake.

Join DraftKings Sportsbook and Get $25 (No Deposit) Plus Up To $1,000 in Bonuses!

DraftKings browser review

When a company puts forth a solid mobile product, the hope is that it can do the same on web-based versions of the platform. DraftKings has been able to turn that trick without issue. The online sportsbook platform is simple to use and easy to navigate.

The main screen is full of current promotions and events that are going on or coming up soon. Up at the top of the screen, you’ll find links for all of the major sports. There is also a dropdown menu that lists all of the games available.

In addition, there are specific links for, e.g., live in-game betting and pool contests. Down below, you’ll find links to contact the company and a helpful “How to Bet” section. Among the options is a live chat feature, which is an excellent touch as some questions require a quick answer.

DraftKings overall user experience

DraftKings evolved into a giant in the world of DFS by providing an exceptional product that is easy to use. The company has managed to do the same with its sportsbook operations.

The overall layout is clean and easy to navigate. It’s simple to find what you’re looking for, whether it be the NFL or a niche variety like rugby. The bet slip is on the right-hand side of the screen at all times; you can minimize and expand it without issue. The cashier function is quick and straightforward. Making a deposit or withdrawal is something that takes less than a minute on DraftKings. Overall, the company has built an exceptional sportsbook product.

DraftKings Sportsbook: Creating a new account

When signing up for a new online sportsbook account, the process should be quick and painless.

Thankfully, that’s exactly how it is when signing up at DraftKings. After visiting the sportsbook for the first time, you’ll notice a button labeled “Sign Up.

Simply clicking on that will begin the process. You’ll receive a prompt for basic information and additional details to help verify your identity. This process is standard for signing up at any reputable online operator, and we found nothing unusual while going through the steps at DraftKings.

While the process itself is simple, questions may pop up from time to time. Luckily, DraftKings provides a clear list of contact options right on the site. There’s even a chat option for those who want answers right away.

Once you create your account, you can make a deposit or start looking around. You’ll find a clean layout that is easy to navigate, not to mention plenty of betting opportunities.

When you are ready to make your first deposit, you’ll find that the process here is a snap as well.

In our experience, we were able to create an account and make a deposit in a couple of minutes. Signing up at DraftKings is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time, so that’s a huge plus when deciding where you would like to spend your hard-earned dollars.

As mentioned above, users in Iowa and Illinois have the extra step of completing the registration process in person. In Iowa, this can be done at a Wild Roses Casino & Resort location. In Illinois, go to the DraftKings at Casino Queen Sportsbook in East St. Louis. Once you have completed the in-person registration, you can use the app remotely so long as you are still inside state lines.

How does DraftKings benefit casual bettors?

For those new to betting or casual bettors, DraftKings offers a pleasant experience. The layout is clean and straightforward, so it’s easy to find what you want.

The menus are clear and point you in the right direction, so you won’t have to do a lot of clicking.

DraftKings has excellent support options as questions arise, including a help section and a live chat feature.

Additionally, the company goes the extra mile when it comes to educating new users.

At the bottom of the screen is a clickable link labeled “How to Bet.” It’s not filled with random, cookie-cutter info. Instead, users will find helpful videos that walk them through various bet types.

Learn better by reading yourself? The same section offers clear instructions on all of the major types of bets.

How does DraftKings benefit experienced bettors?

Experienced sports bettors generally know what they want.

Among the items at the top of the checklist are ease of navigation, a smooth cashier function and odds that are in line or better than the average of the betting marketplace.

DraftKings checks off all of those boxes. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and moving money in and out is a snap. As for odds, we found them to be fair and in line with what the general betting marketplace has to say about specific games and events.

DraftKings betting options

DraftKings has all of the bases covered on sports betting.

You’ll find the basic bet types such as moneylines, spreads and totals, as well as more advanced types such as futures, props and live betting.

The same applies to sports. All of the major sports are available, as are several which are in the niche category. If it’s a sport with a sizable following, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on DraftKings.

One of the best things about DraftKings is a layout that is easy to use and navigate. You’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for, and the odds are laid out for your review.

For example, when taking a look at upcoming NFL games, you’ll find the moneyline, spread and total odds all listed on the same page.

Clicking on the game will open up a new window of additional opportunities, such as prop bets.

Live betting options can are on the main screen upon logging in, and there’s also a clickable link at the top to examine those opportunities in detail. As for sports, clicking on the one you’re interested in will bring you to a list of all of the current markets.

Join DraftKings Sportsbook and Get $25 (No Deposit) Plus Up To $1,000 in Bonuses!

What’s not available at DraftKings

DraftKings offers all of the major sports and a whole host of bet types. You won’t be lacking for options. Naturally, there may be a niche sport that’s available somewhere that’s nowhere to be found on DraftKings.

For a good rule of thumb, if you’re looking to bet on a game or event in a sport with a sizable enough following, you’ll find it here.

The same applies to bets. We can’t promise you that DraftKings has the same bells and whistles as other operators, but you’ll have zero trouble finding betting opportunities.

DraftKings odds boost

DraftKings regularly offers odds boosts. There’s a dedicated link for users to click on to find current opportunities. They can range from individual player performances to odds for a specific game or series.

Also, the main screen features a list of current promotions, which will sometimes show current odds boost opportunities. The company will also send out promotional emails with intriguing odds boosts from time to time.

DraftKings pricing

In today’s increasingly competitive sports betting marketplace, sportsbooks and oddsmakers need to be on top of their game. Odds that are not in line with the general marketplace will stick out like a sore thumb.

That doesn’t appear to be an issue at DraftKings. During our test, we found that DraftKings was in line with what the market is supporting. In some cases, we even found that they were offering better moneyline odds than competitors.

For example, here are the average moneyline odds for an NFL game.

  • Los Angeles Rams +105
  • Seattle Seahawks -125

For the same game on DraftKings, we found the same moneyline odds for the favored the Seahawks. However, the odds for the underdog Rams were listed as +110.

Here’s the math on a $100 wager for both price points:

  • Winning $100 bet at odds of +105 = $105 profit
  • Winning $100 bet at odds of +110 = $110 profit

While that may not sound like a huge difference, it adds up in the long run. We went through all of the weekly NFL games and found that DraftKings was always in line with the average marketplace. Even better, in some cases. DraftKings is on top of its game when it comes to odds.

How to deposit and cash out winnings

If you can’t move money in and out with ease, then a sportsbook doesn’t do you much good. On DraftKings, there’s a simple and easy to use cashier function, so that’s not an issue.

Once you log in, you’ll find a deposit button and my account feature in the upper right-hand corner. After clicking on the deposit button, you’ll find all of the options at your disposal. They range from online banking to PayPal.

It’s more of the same on withdrawal options. After clicking on my account, you’ll find the spot to process withdrawals. Simply click through, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and choose your method.

One important note to remember: Not all deposit methods are available for withdrawal. For your convenience, here are the ways you can move money in and out on DraftKings.

MethodDraftKings NJDraftKings PADraftKings WVDraftKings INDraftKings IADraftKings ILDraftKings COPayouts
Cash at CageResorts CasinoThe Meadow Racetrack & ResortHollywood Casino at Charles TownAmeristar CasinoWild Rose Casino & ResortDraftKings at Casino Queen TBDUp to 24 hours
VisaDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyN/A
MastercardDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyN/A
AmexDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyDeposit OnlyNAN/A
Online BankingDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & Withdrawal24-36 hours
PayPalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & Withdrawal24-36 hours
Prepaid CardDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & WithdrawalDeposit & Withdrawal24-36 hours
*Withdrawals are processed Monday-Friday.

How to contact customer support

Questions are going to come up no matter how great a product is, so it’s always good to know you can find help as needed. DraftKings has a clickable help section located at the top of the main screen, and a contact us link at the bottom of the page.

After clicking on that, you’ll find an option to email for help as well as a support ticket option. Also, there’s a live chat feature for questions that require an immediate response.

This feature is an excellent touch that is lacking at many other operators. The chat feature is simple and easy to use, and agents are responsive. In our experience, we were able to start chatting with a representative from DraftKings in less than a minute.

History of DraftKings

DraftKings is a Boston-based company that opened for business in 2012. DraftKings DFS was the company’s initial focus. An industry that was in its infancy at that point. It didn’t remain that way for much longer.

FanDuel was the dominant DFS company at the time, but it quickly had some competition. DraftKings built a reliable product that proved to be a hit with the marketplace. The two companies engaged in somewhat of an arms race for several years.

The popularity of daily fantasy sports exploded, and DraftKings eventually surpassed FanDuel to become the top operator in the industry. The two giants are still going strong and continue to have a stranglehold on the marketplace.

As the legality of US sports betting was being ironed out, DraftKings set its sights on being ready to go. After the landmark ruling from the US Supreme Court, the company did just that. They were first to market with a NJ online betting site.

The company has since spread its wings and entered into other legal states. Plans call for DraftKings to do the same as additional states hammer out legality issues. DraftKings has established itself as a major player in the world of sports betting in a short period of time.

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