DraftKings Gift Cards Provide Another Way For Bettors To Fund Accounts

Posted By Derek Helling on December 16, 2020

If you prefer to buy physical gift cards to pay for digital products like video games or wireless phone service, a similar model now exists for online casino and sports betting products in relevant jurisdictions. DraftKings gift cards fill the same niche for gambling over the web.

Multiple retailers will start offering them to customers soon. It’s a first for the online gambling industry as far as retail gift cards bearing such a company’s branding goes.

DraftKings gift cards: Where to get them and other details

You’ve probably seen the racks of physical gift cards for various brands in stores. Those retailers partner with finance companies like InComm Payments to gain access to customers in that way. Similar cards bearing DraftKings’ logo and for use on the site will now start appearing at:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Dollar General
  • Sheetz
  • Speedway

While DraftKings is the first online gambling company to make this kind of a deal, many gambling companies have accepted prepaid cards as a deposit source already. For example, DraftKings welcomes payments with the Game On card.

The cards come in two denominations right now, $25 and $50. They are one-time use and only available on a retail basis. Once activated, DraftKings customers can use them to play online casino games, buy entries into daily fantasy contests, and/or bet on sports.

Although they will be available for purchase nationwide, actually using the products DraftKings offers online will still be subject to local regulations. For example, customers in New York will only be able to use the value on the cards to play DFS games, as online casino and sportsbook products aren’t available there.

In a similar way, the use of these cards is subject to regulations regarding responsible gambling. In that way, it’s not much different from using a debit card to fund DraftKings accounts.

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The role of responsible gaming in this product

All jurisdictions that regulate online gambling provide programs for individuals with compulsive gambling issues, like self-exclusion lists. While the retailers selling these gift cards don’t participate in those programs as far as restricting their sale to people on such lists goes, DraftKings takes care of that on its end.

“We take responsible gaming measures seriously,” a spokesperson for DraftKings said. “Having gift cards does not bypass any of the controls in place around our responsible gaming measures. These gift cards are simply another payment method. If someone on a self-exclusion list were to purchase a card they would still need to fund their account with it. There are controls in place to prevent this from happening.”

DraftKings takes other measures to protect people with compulsive gambling issues besides its participation in self-exclusion programs. These include customizable deposit limits and easy access to information about free assistance for such individuals and their loved ones.

Still, it’s wise to be mindful of recipients when purchasing these cards as gifts. For a person with a compulsive gambling issue, just the mere sight of a gambling company’s logo may act as a mental “trigger.”

For DraftKings customers who use more cash than electronic banking channels, this is a welcome addition. Within the parameters of responsible gaming, it’s another way to convert that cash into entertainment.

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