2020 DraftKings Fantasy And Sports Betting Championships

Official statement from DraftKings as of March 13, 2020:

“Unfortunately, due to escalating health concerns related to COVID-19 and guidance from government agencies, among others, DraftKings has decided to cancel the Sports Betting Spring Championship and suspend the Fantasy Basketball World Championship. While DraftKings wants to hold the FBWC at a later date if and when NBA play resumes, DraftKings cannot provide any further details until we learn more about the NBA’s decision.”


Want to play for a piece of $100 million this year? DraftKings is giving daily fantasy players and sports bettors a chance to do that in 2020 with its “Championship Series.”

There will be at least 8 live championships and more than 40 competitions in all across DFS and sports gambling. Almost any American can take part in any part of the championships with dreams of millions at stake throughout 2020.

How can you get in on the action for the biggest betting and fantasy contests around? We have all the answers about the DraftKings Championship Series, the DK Fantasy Tournament of Champions and the DK Sports Betting Championships.

You can even win a trip to the Big Game if you’re lucky and skilled enough.

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What is the DraftKings Championship Series?

The championship series is all of the biggest DFS and sports betting events combined into one “super event” if you will. DraftKings is a DFS operator around the country and an online sportsbook operator in select states.

A lot of these efforts had been going on separately over the years, but branding them together shows DraftKings doing something that almost no one else is doing. It’s really the only company doing sports betting events like this, other than some of the existing handicapping contests in Nevada.

With the ability to offer both huge DFS and sports betting contests, DraftKings is unique in the US marketplace from that standpoint. Not even rival FanDuel does a large handicapping contest.

The series is made up of a lot of DFS competitions and three sports betting events. We’ll tackle the gambling portion first.

What are the DraftKings Sports Betting Championships?

There are three championship events being put on by DraftKings Sportsbook over the course of the year:

  • The DraftKings Sports Betting Spring Championship (Note: Now cancelled)
  • The DraftKings Fall Sports Betting Fall Championship
  • The DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship

All of these will presumably be held in New Jersey, where, but that’s only confirmed for the upcoming spring version of the event.

You do not have to be in New Jersey to sign up for the championships. You will need to travel to NJ in order to take part in the event and actually wager, however.

What should I know about the DraftKings Sports Betting Spring Championship?

The first DraftKings sports betting championship of the year will take place during the men’s Division 1 college basketball tournament. Tournament betting is big business, and it makes a lot of sense for DraftKings to hold the event during the first weekend of the tourney.

  • When: March 19-22
  • Where: Weehawken, NJ; you only have to be located in NJ to take part in the event, but there is a VIP location for contest entrants here.
  • Prizes: $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool, $500,000 to first place.
  • How to enter: Direct buy-in ($5,000; email [email protected] for details) or win a DraftKings DFS contest to qualify.

In order to take part in the championship, you will need to have the DraftKings Sportsbook app (or access to a computer browser) and a DraftKings online account.

What are the rules for the spring sports betting championship?

Here are the rules for the spring championship, which will be fairly similar for other championships.

  • The $5,000 entry fee is broken up into a $2,000 bankroll for use in the contest and $3,000 that goes to the contest prize pool.
  • You can only bet on pro and college basketball games.
  • You have to bet at least $1,000. (Hint: You probably aren’t going to win if you only bet $1,000.)
  • The contest is ranked by who has the largest bankroll after the final basketball game on Sunday. The top 25 bettors will win additional cash prizes.
  • You get to keep your betting bankroll after the contest via your DraftKings account.

What should I know about the DraftKings Sports Betting Fall Championship?

We don’t have any details yet. The Lines will update this section when we do.

It is likely to take place during a weekend that has pro and college football games, and will likely occur in New Jersey.

How I get into the DK sports betting championships?

There are two ways to get into the championships:

  • Direct buy-in: For the spring championships, it’s $5,000 to enter the contest directly, plus your costs for traveling to and staying in New Jersey for the championship. DraftKings has not announced the direct buy-ins for the other two events, yet?
  • Qualify via a DraftKings DFS contest: There will be various qualifiers leading up to the championships that you can enter to get into the championships. In addition to the entry fee, this will include a prize package for a hotel stay and travel expenses. DraftKings’ DFS contests are available in more than 40 states. Contests in the DraftKings DFS lobby will explain how you can qualify on a contest-by-contest basis; usually, you will have to take first place in the qualifier in order to get the sports betting championship entry.
  • Win a seasonal championship: The winners of the fall and spring championships automatically get into the national championship.

What is the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship?

It is the biggest sports betting contest outside of Nevada and will have a million-dollar top prize.

We’re still waiting for more details, but it will likely take place late in 2020 or early in 2021 and take place in NJ around football season.

Here is The Lines’ coverage of the 2019 championship.

What is the DraftKings Fantasy Tournament of Champions?

The Fantasy Tournament of Champions is a first-time collection of events for DraftKings. It consists of:

  • 30 “Millionaire” Championships
  • Five online championships
  • Five live championships

These are all DFS contests that take place on the DraftKings app and site. Here’s more on each part of the tournament of champions.

The winners of these 40 contests will get an entry into the grand finale, a live contest that takes place at the 2021 Super Bowl. More on that later.

First, here’s a look at all these different DFS contests.

What are the DraftKings live events?

There will be five different live events:

  • 2020 Fantasy Hockey World Championship
  • 2020 Fantasy Basketball World Championship
  • 2020 Fantasy Baseball World Championship
  • 2020 Fantasy Football World Championship
  • 2020 Fantasy Golf World Championship

We have details on these live events, the rest are TBA:

DraftKings Hockey Fantasy Championship

The event took place in February in Nashville, Tenn. It featured a prize pool of $500,000.

DraftKings Basketball Fantasy Championship

Official statement from DraftKings re. Fantasy Basketball World Championship:

“Unfortunately, due to escalating health concerns related to COVID-19 and guidance from government agencies, among others, DraftKings has decided to … suspend the Fantasy Basketball World Championship. While DraftKings wants to hold the FBWC at a later date if and when NBA play resumes, DraftKings cannot provide any further details until we learn more about the NBA’s decision.”

  • Where: Weehawken, New Jersey
  • When: March 21
  • Prize pool: $4 million guaranteed
  • Entries: 100 qualifiers

What are the online fantasy championships?

These will likely run alongside the live championships and will feature massive prize pools focused around the four major US team sports and golf.

Check back for more details as they become available.

What are the Millionaire contests in the Fantasy ToC?

These are contests that take place throughout the year and award a top prize of a million dollars.

Again, most of these are not yet announced, but we can say they will take place around:

  • Every Sunday during football season.
  • The four majors in golf

What is the DraftKings live final?

Here’s what we know, although more details will be announced:

  • The finale of the tournament of champions will take place live at the Big Game in Tampa, Fla. on Feb. 7
  • The top prize will be a million dollars.
  • You will be able to make it to the contest at The Big Game by winning any of the above events. There will likely be other ways to qualify closer to the event, as well.
  • DraftKings will likely employ its “Showdown” format for the contest, which will be based on fantasy performances at the Big Game.

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