Bracket Busted? DraftKings Sportsbook Is Putting Up $16,000 In The Free Super 16 Challenge

Written By Staff on March 25, 2019 - Last Updated on October 17, 2019

If your bracket is busted or otherwise in flames, don’t despair. DraftKings Sportsbook is running a FREE Super 16 Bracket Contest, offering everyone a chance at a $16,000 prize pool with no entry fee required.

Basically, DraftKings Sportsbook is hosting another, smaller bracket contest after running a free $64,000 contest before the tournament began. As with other contests of this type, all you need to do is select the winners of the remaining 15 games and receive points for correct selections.

  • Sweet 16: 10 points per correct pick
  • Elite 8: 20 points per correct pick
  • Final 4: 40 points per correct pick
  • Championship: 80 points per correct pick

DraftKings is paying a whopping 3,680 places in the Super 16 contest. So, even though most of the awards will be small, it is still quite possible to win some money on this year’s tournament. The winner of this contest will collect $1,000, and the top eight finishers will get at least $100.

The nice thing about this contest is that it is available to everyone. Because it is a free event, residents of all 50 states are eligible to play.

So, there’s really no reason not to get in on the action. Even if your bracket is still doing well, turning down a shot at more free money is just silly.

This year’s bracket favors the favorites

Ironically enough, a busted bracket in this year’s tournament is likely because the seeding was too accurate. Only one double-digit-seeded team (Oregon) made it to the Sweet 16.

In fact, the selection committee perfectly chose two regions. In both the East and West regions, only the top four seeds remain.

The other two regions are not much more of a deviation, either. The top three seeds in every single region are still alive, and only 5-seed Auburn and 12-seed Oregon are any sort of surprise.

So, a busted bracket is probably because things were a bit too obvious this year. In a sense, everyone outsmarted themselves by expecting more unexpected outcomes.

What’s next in this tournament?

This tournament is notable for not only its conventionality, but also its disparity in performance. Eleven out of the 16 games in the Round of 32 ended with margins of victory in excess of 10 points.

The favorites crushed almost every upstart team with Cinderella dreams. Media darlings like Murray State, Buffalo, and defending champion Villanova all passed out of the tournament with a whisper.

So, it’s tempting to predict that this year’s tournament will proceed as the 2008 tournament did. That year, the four #1 seeds emerged from their respective regions to make the Final Four.

However, the following lower-seeded teams have yet to win a game by less than double digits (with seed in parenthesis):

  • Michigan (2)
  • Michigan State (2)
  • Houston (3)
  • Purdue (3)
  • Texas Tech (3)
  • Oregon (12)

So, none of these teams has had to struggle with its competition yet – a claim that overall #1 seed Duke cannot make. It’s reasonable to assume that at least one of these squads is tough enough to nab one of the Final Four spots.

The question is which one(s) it will be. Make your choices, and play the Free Super 16 Challenge at DraftKings Sportsbook.

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