Pistons Losing Streak By The Betting Numbers: Will They Break NBA Record?

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pistons losing streak

The Detroit Pistons have made NBA history. They broke the single-season record for consecutive NBA losses, and now they’re on the verge of the all-time record (the Process-era 76ers lost 28 across two seasons). With one more loss — they play the Raptors at home on Saturday — the ignominious record will belong to them and them alone. What has the Pistons losing streak looked like from a bettor’s perspective, and what are the chances they break the all-time record?

Let’s take a look at NBA odds and see the chances of reaching this absurdly low point.

Framing Pistons Losing Streak In Betting Odds

The average price across 28 games of the losing streak has been -435 on the moneyline for the Pistons’ opponents, with the Pistons around +307. That means the Pistons averaged a market-expected win rate of approximately 23%, a stunningly high number when considering just how many games they’ve managed to drop consecutively.

The odds of a 23% chance of failing to come home 28 times in a row are about 0.05%, about one time in 2,000.

Fading the Pistons, naturally, has produced a bountiful ROI over this time span. A rolling 28-game parlay would pay out about $397,000 right now on a $100 starting stake. This is despite moneylines north of -1000 on the other side in recent games against the Bucks, Celtics and 76ers.

Favored Just Three Times During Slide

Just three times during the skid have the Pistons been favored. On Nov. 27, they met Washington for the title of saddest 2023-24 franchise. Detroit “prevailed” handily as the Wizards handed them a 126-107 loss. Early on, before anyone could have dreamed the Pistons would be marching down futility records, the Blazers beat them 110-101 in Detroit. The moneyline around -160 for that game easily represented the high water mark of the season, as far as market opinion on the Pistons.

A golden opportunity to break the skid came up on Dec. 21. Facing the Jazz at home, the Pistons caught a massive injury break. Star Lauri Markkanen sat out, as did ball-handlers Jordan Clarkson and Keyonte George. Detroit even had a massive rest advantage of two days. The Pistons closed as favorites around -2.5.

Nonetheless, the Jazz won 119-111.

Then, the Pistons managed to ambush the Celtics. In most unlikely fashion, the Pistons built a 21-point lead and went to half up 66-47. The Celtics blitzed them in the third, 35-16. They forced overtime and won by six to hand the Pistons the record-tying loss.

Will Pistons Set New Losing Streak Record?

Saturday night brings Detroit’s final chance to end the losing streak before taking sole possession of the record.

The Raptors have not had a very impressive season, with a 12-18 record and the league’s 22nd-ranked differential, per Cleaning The Glass. In fact, most of the discourse around Toronto’s season has centered around when or if they will make a trade and deal Pascal Siakam and/or OG Anunoby.

Nevertheless, expect the Raptors to enter the game against Detroit as medium-strength favorites. As Kyle Kuzma infamously tweeted, “Nobody wants to be that team.” Fortunately for those hoping to see history made, the Pistons will continue to receive opponents’ best efforts.

DateOpponentRest Edge
Dec. 21vs. JazzPistons +2 days
Dec. 23@ NetsPistons +1 day
Dec. 26vs. NetsEven
Dec. 28@ CelticsCeltics +1 day
Dec. 30vs. RaptorsEven

Pistons Odds Vs. Raptors

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