Deshaun Watson Trade: NFL Futures Movement For Browns, Saints, Falcons

Written By Brett Gibbons on March 18, 2022
deshaun watson trade

The Cleveland Browns are the winners of the Deshaun Watson trade sweepstakes. After initially being told they were out of the running, Watson– like many others– had a change of heart and selected the Browns. What changed his mind? A never-before-seen five-year, $230 million megadeal with every penny guaranteed, likely.

Super Bowl 57 futures are on the move. The Browns will send three first-round picks, a third-round pick, and a fourth-round pick in exchange for Watson and a fifth-round pick.

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Browns Futures After Deshaun Watson Trade

When it was originally announced that Cleveland was out of the Watson running, they were 35-1 to win Super Bowl 57 at BetMGM and as high as 40-1. Immediately following the news, they dropped to 16-1– fourth in the AFC (Bills, Chiefs, Broncos). At DraftKings Sportsbook, the Browns fell to 14-1.

The AFC arms race has turned up a notch after Russell Wilson was dealt to the Broncos. Just a day before the Deshaun Watson trade news broke, Davante Adams was traded to the Raiders.

Before the trade news, the Browns were at or near +275 to win the AFC North. Now, Cleveland is +150 at DK, +155 at FD and +180 at Caesars, ahead of the Ravens and Bengals who sit between +200 and +240.

Also keep up-to-date with TheLines for updates to Browns futures odds and Super Bowl 57 odds movement.

Movement to other suitors

The Atlanta Falcons were strongly rumored to be the landing spot for Watson in the hours preceding the trade. Their price at DraftKings dropped from 25-1 to 55-1 as they’re now stuck in limbo with Matt Ryan.

The New Orleans Saints were also in contention; their odds to win Super Bowl 57 fell from 25-1 to 50-1.

Cleveland Browns Futures Odds

DraftKings Head Of Sportsbook On Watson Trade

About this same time last season, DraftKings Head of Sportsbook Johnny Avello sat down with TheLines to talk Watson’s effect on NFL futures. At the time, the sexual harassment accusations against Watson were just surfacing.

“We’re gonna react a little bit [to the Watson trade]… it’s really not going to make that big a difference.” Avello said on a Watson trade (which, at the time was rumored to be to the Philadelphia Eagles. “You know, Watson hasn’t won anything either.”

At the time, the Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins were also in the running. According to Avello, different landing spots were going to change odds differently than if he were to have landed with the Eagles.

Also at the time– and even as late as Thursday– the Browns weren’t in contention.

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