Controversial DFS Pro Shows Charitable Side With Million-Dollar Pledge

Written By Juan Carlos Blanco on December 18, 2018

Throughout his extensive daily fantasy sports (DFS) career, Tom Crowley — more commonly know by username ChipotleAddict — has been a lightning rod among the player community. But recently, he displayed a benevolent side that should earn him his fair share of positive press.

Crowley had multiple entries in both the DraftKings World Championship Final and FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship this past weekend.

On Dec. 13, Crowley made a public pledge regarding his charitable intentions concerning his potential winnings:

ChipotleAddict promptly went out and earned a sizable haul of cash in both tournaments.

Best of all for the selected charities, he finished at the top of the mountain in the DraftKings Championship. With an Atlanta Falcons-heavy lineup that netted him 174.04 DK points, Crowley scored the $2 million grand prize.

A total of 10 different charities will be beneficiaries of the potent combination of Crowley’s DFS acumen and generosity.

ChipotleAddict will work with Double Up Drive, a time-sensitive initiative currently running through Dec. 29, which matches donations and distributes them to 10 different highly vetted and impactful charities.

Notably, this marks the second consecutive year that Crowley is spreading the wealth. In 2017, he also contributed more than $700,000 to poker professional Dan Smith‘s donation drive.

Dirty Birds spearhead the biggest jackpot

The DK Championship unfolded in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and featured 180 total contestants.

Crowley had a total of six entries in the event. The second-highest-scoring lineup for him checked in at 18th place, which still paid out $65,000.

Including the aforementioned first-place prize, his DK winnings totaled just under $2.2 million.

The key to Crowley’s first-placed lineup was a Falcons team that generated one of their best all-around offensive performances of the season.

Matt Ryan (25.04 DK points), Tevin Coleman (23.5 DK points) and Julio Jones (20.2 DK points) spearheaded the charge. Those were supplemented by excellent returns from Joe Mixon (30 DK points), Davante Adams (24.9 DK points), Jaylen Samuels (22.2 DK points) and the Vikings defense (13 DK points).

Considering the numbers, ChipotleAddict’s lineup had more than enough equity to survive a zero by the final member of the Atlanta foursome, Austin Hooper.

Crowley’s FanDuel ledger was much less prolific but impressive in its own right.

ChipotleAddict held a total of four seats in the 75-seat tournament. His best finish was fifth, which resulted in a $42,000 bankroll boost.

Notably, that lineup had a very different look, with a Bengals stack consisting of Jeff Driskel (11.4 FD points), Joe Mixon (26 FD points) and Tyler Boyd (11.8 FD points) serving as its core.

Crowley garnered another $62,000 in total from his FanDuel entries.

Past collusion allegations disproven

The controversy associated with Crowley’s DFS career centered around the hottest of hot-button topics in the industry regarding contest rules and logistics: the alleged circumventing of multi-entry rules through alleged collusion with his brother, Martin Crowley’s (DFS username bigpapagates), a highly successful DFS pro himself.

Back in September 2016, Martin aka bigpapagates was a co-winner of the Week 3 Millionaire Maker contest on DK. Shortly after that, rumblings had already begun in days prior ramped up.

Namely, some in the DFS community alleged the duo covered as many bases as possible regarding lineup combinations in big-dollar tournaments by entering an identical number of lineups with a complete absence of overlap.

The situation led to an official DraftKings investigation, one that ultimately cleared both players of any wrongdoing.  A subsequent post by Rotogrinders co-founder Cal Spears on the site’s forums several months later further made a case for their exoneration.

As detailed by Spears, the two worked together as far as devising and actively utilizing a player selection model, but not to any degree beyond.

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