College Football Week 1 Betting Lines, Team Win Totals Released For 2018

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College Football Week1
Las Vegas sportsbook operators and casinos are continuing to create earlier than ever sports wagering opportunities. This week the South Point released three ways to wager on the upcoming college football season: Week 1 lines, point spreads for games of the year, and season win totals for the upcoming college football season (see below for all three). South Point is the first land-based casino in America to release these college football numbers. The distinction of being the first Las Vegas casino to release college football lines used to be held by Golden Nugget. They’ll release their lines shortly. South Point started to release their college football lines early when Chris Andrews joined the team since he typically has his college football research complete in May. Even though the lines are created at South Point and offered via mobile and at Rampart Casino, the college football lines on Monday morning were only available to bet in person at South Point initially. The lines were released to NV Sports app bettors and Rampart Casino customers in Summerlin shortly thereafter. The unfortunate people in Summerlin had to get in their cars and drive 20 minutes to the South Point to get the best of the college football lines instead of just wagering on a mobile device or at Rampart Casino. South Point released the lines on site simply because it’s easier to keep track of the bets placed when they’re all in one place.

South Point early line bet limits

The maximum bet limit on the early college football lines is relatively low at $1,000 per wager. The maximum bet limit will increase as the season approaches. South Point sportsbook director, Chris Andrews, says the maximum wager should increase in early August. Each bettor may place three wagers before moving to the back of the line. This gives the other early bettors a chance to place wagers before one person has a chance to completely hog the betting desk and destroy certain lines. This also gives the sportsbook operators at South Point time to move the line so they aren’t torched too badly. The lower maximum wager is on the high end for early lines in Las Vegas. CG Technology released pro football lines earlier this year with a maximum bet of $500. Sportsbook operators use these low limits to keep exposure to risk at a minimum. Reputable sportsbook operators like the South Point may move lines quickly but they will always take the action and pay on the bets they lose. That’s sorta how things are supposed to work. The college football opening week lines moved quickly. Shortly after the initial college football lines were posted Chris Andrews tweeted the following adjustments. The lines will continue to move as more people bet on the individual games. Here are some easy to read line movement highlights after the first hour of college football betting at South Point:
  • Notre Dame from -7 to -1 vs. Michigan
  • Purdue +2 to -3 vs. Northwestern
  • Syracuse -1 to -6 at Western Michigan

Games of the year spreads

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Team regular season win totals