NCAA Alters Student-Athlete Eligibility Rules For College Betting Infractions

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Written By Eli Hershkovich | Last Updated
College Wagering Rules

In the wake of multiple sports betting investigations with Alabama and Iowa baseball in recent months, the Division-I Legislative Committee reformed its college betting rules when student-athlete infringements arise. Details are below from Tuesday’s announcement by the NCAA.

New College Betting Rules Set Forth

First and foremost, student-athletes who partake in sports betting activities that impact the result of their own games — for any sport  — or knowingly supply insight to others who are involved in the same fashion may lose their entire collegiate eligibility. An identical mandate would go into effect if student-athletes place bets on games that they are participating in, along with any other sporting event at their respective institutions.

But these regulations don’t just apply to a student-athlete’s team or school as a whole. If a student-athlete wagers on his or her own sport for another collegiate contest, this individual must attend educational classes on sports betting rules and prevention. He or she could also wind up losing 50% of one season’s worth of eligibility in the process.

“While sports wagering by college athletes is still a concern — particularly as we remain committed to preserving the integrity of competition in college sports — consideration of mitigating factors is appropriate as staff prescribe penalties for young people who have made mistakes in this space,” Alex Ricker-Gilbert, athletics director at Jacksonville and chair of the D-I Legislative Committee, said.

Additional wagering-related transgressions reported on or after May 2 are as follows. The most notable penalty, which entails an $800 wager or greater, could prompt the school to consider permanent ineligibility. At the minimum, this student-athlete will lose 30% of his or her eligibility for that season. The individual is required to take part in the aforementioned sports wagering classes, too.

  • $200 or less: Sports betting rules and prohibition education
  • $201-$500: 10% eligibility loss for an individual season and education classes
  • $501-$800: 20% eligibility loss for an individual season and education classes

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