Enormous New Circa Sportsbook Brings The ‘Wow Factor’

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Written By Marc Meltzer | Last Updated
Circa Sports Sportsbook Resort TV screen sports betting
The massive new sportsbook at Circa Resort and Casino that opened this week is everything owner Derek Stevens promised and more. The initial plan for the sportsbook at the newest casino in Las Vegas was grand, but it’s rare when the hype actually meets expectations. When first introducing the concept of the sportsbook at Circa, Stevens said:
“We want to create something that people don’t forget. For me, I’ll never forget that moment I walked into the Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate) SuperBook. I looked around, and I thought to myself, ‘my god, this is the greatest place on Earth right here.’”
Indeed, there is a wow factor when looking at the Circa sportsbook. The venue has an absolutely enormous sportsbook screen, clocking in at three-stories in height and 78 million pixels. It actually takes 10 people to operate the screens at the Circa sportsbook. Check it out:

Three levels of viewing

Circa Sportsbook Video Poker The Circa sportsbook has a capacity for 1,000 people with three levels. There are video poker games that surround two levels of the casino that look down to the sportsbook. The Overhang bar behind the upper level of gaming machines only has seats that look out to the sportsbook, so there’s always a clear view of the action. Victory Burgers is above the VSiN studio on the upper level of the sportsbook. The restaurant has a limited number of seats where guests can watch the games while chowing down on burgers and/or cereal ice cream shakes. The first floor of the casino has another line of video poker machines looking into the sportsbook. This level doesn’t have a bar, but cocktail servers will supply drinks if necessary. Seating inside the sportsbook varies. There are traditional seats like someone would find at a sporting event to the right and left of the reserved seating in the center of the sportsbook. Prices for reserved seating vary by days and events. The first row of seating features large lounge chairs found at many sportsbooks. Above this section are Circa branded recliners. The next level up has shared banquets for groups. The final level of stadium seating has large semi-circle banquets for larger groups. Groups can order food from Victory Burger or Project BBQ to eat at their sections. Project BBQ will even deliver a whole pig with all the fixings if someone is looking for an “Only in Vegas” experience.

Satellite Circa Sports location inside the casino

Sports betting at Circa isn’t limited to the massive sportsbook. Guests walking into the casino from the garage on the second level can place a wager without ever walking into the sportsbook. There’s a Circa Sports satellite desk right near the entrance. A bettor won’t have to deal with a human if they choose. There are kiosks next to the satellite desk as well as the main sportsbook. This casino is designed for sports fans and gamblers. Even the pool is designed for sports fans.

Stadium Swim

Stadium Swim at Circa The sportsbook is a major feature inside of Circa. Stadium Swim, the multi-level rooftop pool complex might be a better option for sports fans and bettors. Stadium Swim has capacity for 4,000 people to enjoy a dip in one of the six pools or to watch the games. Stadium Swim has a crystal clear 143-foot video screen (diagonally) with 14 million pixels. The huge outdoor screen faces north and away from the sun so there shouldn’t be a problem with clarity. Guests can reserve cabanas, daybeds, and lounge chairs to watch the games. Various restaurants have special menus just for pool guests. There are two swim-up bars, two walk-up bars and a small gaming area with blackjack tables. There is also a Circa Sports kiosk available to place wagers for anyone who doesn’t have a mobile account. Stadium Swim at Circa Stadium Swim is open 365 days a year and will be open at nights for big games. This is legitimately a game-changer for March Madness viewing in Las Vegas. The first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament happens to fall during spring break for numerous colleges. This is the perfect time to be outdoors in Las Vegas. Stadium Swim is truly a unique environment to watch sports in Las Vegas – or anywhere in the US. Back inside the casino, MEGA BAR has 43 stacked TVs and 53 video poker games. The largest indoor bar in Las Vegas was created for sports fans and bettors. This offers a more traditional bar environment for anyone who prefers that kind of experience. It’s also an option if the sportsbook is full.

World’s largest sportsbook?

There’s a friendly rivalry between the Westgate SuperBook and Circa’s sportsbook for the title of “world’s largest sportsbook.” The title is really in the eye of the beholder. Both are great books with some of the sharpest lines in Las Vegas. Both sportsbooks are huge, with brand new beautiful screens to watch the games. There are a few differences in the retail locations to think about that separate the experience. The layout of each sportsbook is different. While the SuperBook is wide, the Circa sportsbook is tall. The better layout depends on the person. The Circa sportsbook is more of a pit environment with stadium seating while the SuperBook has mostly level seats spread out. The SuperBook has a limited number of VIP booths that guests can reserve. The seating in the center of the Circa Sportsbook have to be reserved for big events. The free seating on the sides may also be reserved at a lower price point but will also be free for most games. The better option is really based on personal preference. As for which one is the larges – feel free to bring a tape measure the next time you visit Vegas.