Cashing Tickets: Parlay Pandemonium In NFL Week 9

Written By Sean Chaffin | Last Updated
Cashing Tickets Parlay
The sportsbooks took it on the chin over the weekend with the public-heavy NFL sides going 11-0 against the spread. Three crucial wins by the Chiefs, Vikings, and Steelers on Sunday led to some heavy losses for Vegas and other sportsbooks around the country. Beyond those losses, there were some interesting parlays cashed over the weekend. In this article, we take a look at some interesting wins.

Nevada knockouts

Estimates put the Vegas books at losing as much as $10 million over the weekend and that included some big exotic wagers. ESPN’s Darren Rovell noted one big win at the Silver Sevens Casino — a $20 parlay earning one lucky better $13,236. Like most, the win included legs on the Chiefs, Vikings, and Steelers. The wager included a few over/under picks also and even a college football bet on Syracuse, which handily covered the 6.5-point spread in a win over Wake Forest. Amazingly, none of the games were even that close, making for a nice score of a 662-to-1 return on investment. The big scores continued and William Hill Sportsbook noted many big winners – even several who earned big bucks for low-roller wagers. A $5 parlay with six legs placed at Siegel Slots and Suites in Vegas brought a payday of $3,500. At Rail City Casino in Sparks, Nevada, a $2 wager on an 11-leg parlay brought one player a $2,800 score. No doubt there were plenty of sparks in the sports book as he collected his cash.

Beginner’s luck?

Luke Jett, of Gardner, Illinois, visited Las Vegas for the first time over the weekend. Just an occasional sports gambler, he was on a trip with his girlfriend and some of her family. As the NFL games approached, a friend showed him a bit about how to place a parlay bet. Jett knew the 10 teams he wanted but wasn’t sure how to place the bet. With ticket in hand from the Flamingo sportsbook, he settled in for the action. The results? His $10 bet turned into a sweet $7,000. He now plans to save some of those winnings and use some for another vacation. The bet on the Miami Dolphins proved to be particularly nerve-wracking with the Miami quarterback struggling against the lowly Jets. “I got really lucky,” he says. “It’s nice having a cool story from Vegas. I’m never betting on Brock Osweiler to cover -3.5 again, I can tell you that.”

Better than a hat trick

One Vancouver hockey fan showed some real expertise by notching a $30 seven-team NHL parlay beginning on Halloween and continuing on Nov. 1. The win brought a $6,100 win. The bet was placed on PlayNow, which is the official sports betting site of the British Columbia lottery.

College crushers

The NFL may have gotten the best of the books and much of the news in the sports betting world, but a couple nice college parlays also stand out. One bettor at Eureka Casino in Mesquite, Nevada, turned $5 into $4,000 with a 10-team parlay win. Most of the legs came easily, even Clemson’s 38.5-point spread. The Tigers whacked Louisville 77-16. The Casino Royale is known as one of the cheapest places on the Vegas Strip to buy a beer. Until late last year, an ice-cold Michelob could be had for $1. The casino attracts a budget betting crowd and low rollers enjoy the $3 craps and $5 single-deck blackjack. Sadly, the Michelob price was moved to $2 last year. Over the weekend, one gambler wagered the price of just one of those Michelobs on an 11-team parlay mostly on college football. It was a huge win and brought the gambler a score of $2,800. The winner now has the option of heading back to the Royale and a few friends 1,400 beers. Cheers! [i15-table-group groupid=’8223′]