Californians Vote On Sports Betting On Nov. 8

Written By Giovanni Shorter on November 1, 2022
California Election Day

The fate of the California sports betting market will be decided in one week on Tuesday, November 8. Locals will enter the booths and vote on passing one of two sports betting bills in Pop 26 and Prop 27.

Residents will also be able to vote against the bills, which several polls indicate will be the result. Can sports betting fans make California sportsbooks legal?

Countdown To Election Day

Prop 26 is the tribal sports betting bill that would only see odds available at retail casinos. This bill has more support from major groups but also sees opposition heading into election day. Not only have supporters of Prop 27 opposed the bill, but local card rooms oppose it as well. There is a provision in Prop 26 that would allow tribes to sue card rooms.

There have been tens of millions in campaign funds both supporting and opposing Prop 26 and this has affected the voter base. The most recent poll suggests that only 34% of potential voters are in favor of this initiative. The bill needs more than 50% of the votes in order to pass.

Prop 27 also sees its fair share of opposition. This bill would allow online sportsbooks to operate in the Golden State. Prop 27 has been opposed by the California Association of Counties, the Major Teachers Union, and the California League of Cities. In addition, local tribes who back Prop 26 have spent millions opposing Prop 27.

Even Gov. Gavin Newsom publicly opposed Prop 27 as election day approaches. This measure has seen a lot of opposition during the campaign. The most recent poll suggests only 26% of likely voters will vote in favor.

Are Hopes Dead?

While polls are not a definite consensus as they are all taken with small sample sizes, the results are still concerning. No poll has shown either measure gaining 50% of the voter base. This has led to experts believing the bills are dead and will not pass next week.

DraftKings and FanDuel CEOs have expressed doubt in their measures passing with optimism looking ahead to 2024. During a recent panel at the G2E Conference, the representatives expressed doubt about the bill passing this year.

“I think the more time people in California get exposed to the messages, the more they’re able to sift through what’s true and what’s not,” said Jason Robinson, DraftKings CEO via Ryan Butler. “I think you’ll see more momentum toward ’24, hopefully, maybe even in ’22, but probably more likely in ’24 when that’s getting passed.”

Californians could shock the betting world and pass legislation on November 8 and kickstart the market. We are only seven days away from seeing the results of the campaign.

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