Californians Vote On Sports Betting Prop 26, Prop 27 Today

Written By Giovanni Shorter on November 8, 2022
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Today is the day that California residents will decide the fate of sports betting in the Golden State. Prop 26 and Prop 27 are on the ballot. Polls have indicated that neither bill will pass, but each poll has been conducted with a small sample size. Residents could still awaken tomorrow with California sports betting legal.

Election Day Is Here!

What we have learned during the campaign stage is that surveyed residents have not been moved by ads. Hundreds of millions of dollars from both Prop 26 and Prop 27 have been spent campaigning and there is still uncertainty in either measure passing,

Prop 27, the online sports betting bill, suffered strong opposition from the onset. Local tribes who were backing Prop 26 were major opponents of Prop 27. They spent more money campaigning against the measure than supporting their own.

The California Association of Counties, the Major Teachers Union, and the California League of Cities also all opposed Prop 27. Governor Gavin Newsom also publicly opposed Prop 27, further shining a negative light on the bill heading into Election Day.

Due to this, commercial betting operators are looking ahead to 2024 to launch California online sportsbooks. Prop 26 has not faired much better in the polls and is also expected to fail.

Native Tribes Bill Also Looks Grim

Looking at 26, their major opponent was those in support of 27. Additionally, local card rooms oppose the measure. There is a clause that allows tribes to sue card rooms. This controversial clause has dampened Prop 26 amongst local businesses.

The public has also opposed Prop 26 alongside Prop 27. Only 34% of potential voters would vote in favor of Prop 26. This is according to the most recent poll. Prop 26 needs more than 50% of the total votes in order to pass.

Many residents oppose and will vote against the measure. The same survey revealed 57% of potential voters will vote No on Prop 26. It is a hard battle for both California sports betting measures. Will fans surprise the market and pass one of the sports betting bills? We are only hours away from finding out.

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