Californians Vote No On Prop 26 And Prop 27

Written By Giovanni Shorter on November 9, 2022
California Sports Betting Fails

The results are in, and sports betting in California will not be a reality anytime soon. Both Prop 26 and Prop 27 were heavily voted against by the public on Election Day. This is not surprising based on the results of local polls leading up to the election. What this does mean is that lawmakers will now wait until the 2024 election to try again.

Sports Betting Election Results

Looking at the results, Prop 27 had no chance of passing this year. 83.4% of the voters voted No on the measure. This amounted to approximately 4,470,666 voters. Just 892,750 sports betting fans voted in favor, 16.7% of the vote. California online sportsbooks had little support and a lot of enemies leading into the ballot.

Prop 26, the native American bill, also faired poorly on election day. 70.4% of the total votes were No on Prop 26 (3,779,247 votes) with just 29.6% voting Yes (1,585,467 votes). Right now, the California general public is opposed to bringing any form of sports betting to the Golden State.

The results actually shine the measures in a worse light than the earlier polls predicted. The percentage of potential voters was much higher in favor than the end results. Still, there was a clear indication that neither measure will pass. Those in favor now look ahead to 2024.

The Future Of California’s Betting Market

With both measures failing to pass, lobbyists are going back to the drawing board. DraftKings and FanDuel heads both expressed the notion of trying again in 2024 should their measure fail. DraftKings CEO Ryan Butler stated that they will use the extra time to educate the public about sports betting and its benefits.

California sports betting seems to have a strong negative stigma associated with it from the general public. This is especially true for online sportsbooks. This could be due to the strong campaign run in opposition to Prop 27 from the native tribes.

Even Gov. Gavin Newsom has publicly opposed the online betting measure. Lobbyist plan to spend the next two years leading to the 2024 general elections working to change public perception. Will a few more years be enough to sway the Golden State?

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