Are California Sports Betting Hopes Dead For 2022?

Written By Giovanni Shorter on October 12, 2022
California Sports Betting

It appears that hopes for California sports betting passing in 2022 have begun to dim. With several polls indicating that voters are opposed to both Prop 26 and Prop 27, experts expect them to fail. During the Global Gaming Expo G2E 2022 conference in Las Vegas, many operators and tribal leaders expressed the belief that the measures will fail.

Operators Look Ahead To 2024

During the G2E Conference, CEOs of both DraftKings and FanDuel spoke on a panel where they discussed the upcoming ballot. Neither sports betting giant seemed optimistic towards sports betting in California passing into law this year. Instead, the focus has shifted to 2024.

“I think the more time people in California get exposed to the messages, the more they’re able to sift through what’s true and what’s not,” said Jason Robinson, DraftKings CEO via Ryan Butler. “I think you’ll see more momentum toward ’24, hopefully, maybe even in ’22, but probably more likely in ’24 when that’s getting passed.”

It is not just commercial sportsbooks that are preemptively accepting defeat. Tribes who support the Yes on Prop 26 and No on Prop 27 campaigns also seem to think sports betting won’t pass for either bill. During a panel during the expo, representatives of the California tribes blamed confusion over too many initiatives.

There were originally four different measures being pushed which narrowed down to two. The two bills then spent millions campaigning against one another, causing local voters to view both bills negatively. Several polls revealed that likely voters were not in favor of sports betting in the Golden State as a result.

These polls have affected tribes and operators into accepting that sports betting likely will not pass in November. But the hope for a sports betting market in California is not completely gone.

Future Of California Sports Betting

Should the November ballot conclude with no sports betting, then campaigns will shift to legalizing California sports betting in 2024. This would see the market launch in 2025 at the earliest. The added two years will be spent campaigning and educating residents on the benefits of sports betting.

The Golden State is the most populated US market and is home to more than a dozen professional teams. The sports fandom is there and the market could become the largest in the nation should it pass. This is why operators will not be throwing in the towel regardless of the results in November.

“We believe there is a path to get there,” said Amy Howe, FanDuel CEO. “Whether we get there in ’22, hopefully, or we get there in ’24, we believe it is the right path.”

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