Caitlin Clark Odds: Is She An Unprecedented Awards Favorite?

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
Caitlin Clark odds

The hottest name in women’s college basketball has officially become the hottest name in the WNBA. With the draft now over and the preseason having begun, Caitlin Clark’s pro career is underway as a member of the Indiana Fever. The former Iowa sensation carries unprecedented hype into her rookie season. That hype carries over into WNBA awards betting, where Caitlin Clark has some truly staggering odds.

Let’s take a look at Caitlin Clark odds in prominent awards markets. The season begins on May 14.

Caitlin Clark: Mammoth Rookie Of the Year Favorite

When it comes to futures betting on award markets, it’s quite uncommon to see a minus sign by someone’s name before the season starts. Some precedent exists, but it’s generally a rare case.

Perhaps the closest comparison comes from last year’s Comeback Player of the Year in the NFL. Following his near-death experience, Damar Hamlin entered the season around -300 over the field. However, he wound up losing a close vote to Joe Flacco.

In less subjective markets, there have been a few overwhelmingly strong rookies favored over the field. Kevin Durant was around -200 in a lackluster rookie class. He averaged 20.4/4.4/2.4 and won a resounding vote over Al Horford. Victor Wembanyama closed around -170 after considerable hype. He won as well, though he had a legitimate challenger for much of the season in Chet Holmgren.

In hockey, Auston Matthew was -130 and also won.

History tells us these overwhelmingly hyped prospects do generally deliver in their rookie campaigns.

Caitlin Clark Rookie of the Year odds are on a whole other level, though. The consensus number reflects a nearly 90% chance of winning the award.

Keep in mind there are only 40 games in the WNBA season. A sprained ankle here and a two-week slump there might be enough to open the door for one of Clark’s rivals to steal the award.

WNBA MVP Odds Also Reflect Caitlin Clark Hype

Such was the level of Clark’s dominance in college that she’s expected to immediately enter the WNBA as one of the best players. Thus, she finds herself a top option for MVP honors in addition to Rookie of the Year.

Throughout sports history, a few athletes have won ROY and MVP in the same season. These include the likes of Jim Brown and Wilt Chamberlain. Based on those names, it should come as little surprise that most such instances happened decades ago.

Most recently, Ichiro Suzuki managed the feat, though he was a rookie in name only after a decorated career in Japan. Mike Trout came closest out of “true” rookies, losing out to Miguel Cabrera despite a superior statistical campaign in 2012.

Clark has the third-shortest odds when it comes to MVP. A’ja Wilson, leading a loaded Aces team at the top of the championship odds, is the favorite by some distance, followed by Breanna Stewart.

Working against Clark will be the chances of team success. That’s generally a prerequisite for MVP contention. The Fever, while expected to enjoy significant improvement thanks to the addition of the long-distance bomber, rank fifth out of the league’s 12 teams in futures markets.