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Resources To Help You Win At Sports Betting

Collecting all your data, numbers, and odds from multiple sportsbooks has been a necessary evil in the sports betting world; we always stress to shop around and ensure you’re getting the most out of each bet. The “necessary evil” part comes into play with hours of comparing and contrasting a dozen sportsbooks with a dozen prop bets, and it’s very easy to get lost and mixed up while going through this process.

That’s why we’ve introduced several tools to minimize your research time and bring everything to you in one place. TheLines has rolled out the Player Props Search tool, a Parlay Calculator, and upgraded Power Rankings. This page runs through all of our existing (and upcoming) tools that will make your life a lot easier.

Player Props Search Tool

The new Player Prop Search tool was created for ease of searching for player prop bets based on certain players. Better yet, we’ve added the odds at various sportsbooks to eliminate wasted time flipping through a dozen tabs trying to locate the best odds. Using the tool is easy– locate the bar in the middle of the page, and type in a player’s name which you’d like to see odds for (example, Nick Chubb). There’s a dropdown option to choose your state of residence, then hit search.

From there, you’ll find a list of several odds along with rows of odds from the different books. We’ve even linked the books to the tool, so you won’t have to open a new window and re-find those odds. They range from season-long props (ex. Offensive Player of the Year, over/under season passing touchdowns, etc.) to game-by-game options (ex. over/under rushing yards in Week 7). The listed odds are live and ever-changing making the tool a one-stop shop.

Why should you use this tool?

Unless you’re a fan of spending an hour flipping between tabs, the Player Props Search tool cuts a lot of guff out of the process of finding the best bet.

In general, you should always shop around at different sportsbooks. Just because Draftkings Sportsbook offers Patrick Mahomes’ MVP odds at +350 doesn’t mean they all do; FanDuel Sportsbook might offer Patrick Mahomes’ MVP odds at +500. A $100 bet placed at DK in this example would yield $350 in winnings (plus the initial $100 bet back), whereas the same bet placed at FanDuel would yield  $500 in winnings (plus the initial $100 bet back). Find the sportsbook that offers the best odds.

Use it now for free and start comparing player props!

Parlay Calculator

The Parlay Calculator is formatted the same as placing a real parlay bet at a sportsbook, just without the hassle of inputting a dollar amount or navigating to a dozen different sites. Dropdown menus allow you to select the sport and type of bet you want (spread, moneyline, etc.). After selecting your categories, the tool displays odds for all of those games and you may select as many as you’d like to include in your theoretical parlay.

As you select your bets, the calculator automatically pulls data from several books, including FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM, and others. You also have the ability to change your bet amount and state. The winnings amount shown is automatically your best odds, and the sportsbook those odds are pulled from is highlighted orange; you may also manually select different sportsbooks to compare your potential earnings.

Build your parlay bet now using our free parlay calculator.

Why should you use this tool?

The only thing more time consuming than comparing prop bets is comparing parlays. The Parlay Calculator removes all wasted time flipping between sources and re-selecting your bets and re-inputting your amounts.

To reiterate, shopping around is the smartest move a bettor can make. For example, taking a $100 Week 4 parlay (DEN +1, CLE +4.5) yields $364.81 at BetMGM, but only $352.41 at SugarHouse (NJ)– over a 12% difference in return on your initial bet. The ease of changing your parlay, too, is critical in the tool. Play around with different parlay options and follow the link in the tool right to that sportsbook.

Power Rankings

Most everyone is familiar with power rankings of some sort, be it ESPN’s or otherwise. For the NFL season, The Lines unveiled a brand-new layout for our power rankings, complete with all of the information you’ll need for an array of bets. The team ranking and blurb about them comes standard with most ranking lists, but we also include key stats (points and yards per game, points and yards allowed per game, turnover +/-), odds for their upcoming week (including spread, moneyline, and over/under) and Super Bowl odds.

There’s even links in the tool that take you right to the sportsbooks offering the best odds with special offers.

Why should you use this tool?

Blindly guessing on games isn’t a recipe for success when it comes to the sports betting world. These power rankings are data-driven and offer more stats and insight than a simple list. There’s also extensive explanations under the tool as to how the rankings are produced and more information on each part of it.

These rankings can help break ties and discrepancies you may have when looking at the week’s lines.