Philadelphia 76ers Betting Guide

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Welcome to our comprehensive Philadelphia 76ers betting guide, where you’ll find everything you need to know before placing a wager on the team. This page will be updated daily with the latest odds for the team’s next game, a preview of that contest, information on which legal, regulated sportsbooks you can place various bets in, and which sportsbooks are offering some of the best promotional bonuses for first-time depositors.

The NBA season can be a grind for both players and bettors, and there’s always plenty to keep track of when it comes to factors such as workload management, injuries and a team’s recent schedule. The latter includes important factors such as back-to-back games, or a team playing a third game in four nights. Such conditions can often have notable betting impacts, particularly on point totals. This space will serve as a hub for all such pertinent information to consider before placing a bet on the 76ers this season.

Live betting odds: 76ers vs. Raptors (Wednesday, Aug. 12)

The 76ers could once again be missing several starters, but the Raptors are also likely to rest several front-line players or afford them limited minutes. As such, Philly is only a modest underdog as of early Wednesday.

Toronto can do no better or worse than the No. 2 seed it currently holds, and it already went heavy on second-unit players like Terence Davis, Norman Powell and Chris Boucher in Monday’s win against the Bucks. Meanwhile, the Sixers played without Joel Embiid (ankle), Tobias Harris (ankle) and Al Horford (knee) in Tuesday’s loss to the Suns. Then, Ben Simmons (knee) is already out until next season.

Injury/Roster news

Besides the quartet of Simmons, Embiid, Harris and Horford, the Sixers have no other short-term injuries. The Raptors will list Serge Ibaka (knee) as questionable for Wednesday’s game, while Patrick McCaw (knee) remains away from Orlando for treatment.

Matchup history

Wednesday’s game marks the fourth and final meeting between the teams this season. The Raptors hold a 2-1 series lead, having notched 101-96 and 107-95 wins on Nov. 25 and Jan. 22, respectively.

The 76ers are scoring 110.4 points per game, while the Raptors are allowing an NBA-low 106.3 points per contest. Meanwhile, Philadelphia has surrendered 108.4 points per contest, while Toronto has scored 112.5 points per game.

Team Notes

The 76ers are 29-38-4 (43.3 percent) against the spread this season, including 1-5 (16.7 percent) in Orlando seeding games. Philadelphia is also 8-7 (53.3 percent) versus the number in division games.

76ers futures odds

The 76ers were +800 (8-to-1) to win the 2020 NBA title before the season began. Follow our NBA futures page for updated NBA title futures all season long.

Where to bet on the 76ers

Bettors interested in placing a wager on a 76ers game can now do so legally from 13 different states. Not all offer a mobile/online wagering option.

Currently, you can place a bet on the 76ers if you’re physically located and be verified as such within those states, with the list expected to expand as more jurisdictions that have passed sports betting bills begin operations.

Pennsylvania residents currently have multiple online options with respect to placing wagers on 76ers games. FanDuel Sportsbook is currently the state leader in online revenue and handle and provides bettors with a user-friendly interface and full array of wagering options.

SugarHouse, Parx and Rivers casinos also offer their own online sports betting platform. Mount Airy Casino is the fifth mobile alternative for Keystone State residents. They have a FOX Bet branded online sportsbook that debuted in September 2019.

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How to bet on the Sixers

Bettors have a wide array of wagering options when placing a bet on a 76ers game. Bettors can choose from bet types such as moneyline, point spread, projected total, parlay and both game and player-specific prop wagers, to name but a few. There are also futures bets available for the 76ers at leading sportsbooks.

The following serves to clarify each bet type and provides details on what a sample bet involving the 76ers would look like.


A moneyline bet is a bet on the team one thinks will win a game outright. The margin of victory is irrelevant in a moneyline wager; what matters is the team one places the wager on emerges victorious. An example of a moneyline bet would involve placing a wager that the 76ers will defeat the Boston Celtics in one of their games this season. If the 76ers prevail in the contest, all bettors who placed a moneyline bet on Philadelphia would have a winning ticket. If the Celtics manage a victory, then all bettors that put their money on the 76ers lose out on their bet.

Point spread

A point spread wager is a bet on a favored team winning a game by more than the projected advantage listed in the sportsbook at the time of the wager (the spread), or on an underdog team losing by less than the projected advantage for the favorites listed in the sportsbook at the time of the wager. A bettor wagering on the underdog will also have a winning ticket if they bet on the underdog and the underdog wins the game outright.

An example of a point spread bet involving the 76ers would involve a bettor placing a wager that Philadelphia will “cover” a five-point spread in their favor against the Celtics. If the 76ers ultimately win the game by more than five points, the bettor will have a winning ticket.

Over/under (total)

A bet on a game’s projected total involves placing a wager on whether the sum total of each team’s score by game’s end will be under or over the number set by the sportsbook at the time of the wager. These types of bets are also commonly known as Over/Under bets. Projected total bets are often popular due to their very straightforward nature and the absence of a requirement to correctly identify a winner or potential margin of victory.

An example of a projected total bet involving a 76ers-Celtics game could bettor placing a wager that the game will finish under a projected 211-point total. The game subsequently results in a 107-102 victory for the 76ers, making the combined total 209 points. Bettors who wagered that the “under” would hit would have a winning ticket in hand, while those who wagered the “over” would lose their bet.


A parlay wager is a bet that involves at least two games. For a parlay wager to cash, all “legs” of the parlay must be a winning bet in and of itself. If any leg of a parlay wager is a loss, then the entire parlay fails to cash. Parlay wagers, while more difficult than single-game bets, are also more enticing, since their payouts are greater in accordance with their enhanced degree of difficulty.

An example of a parlay bet involving the 76ers would be the following: A bettor places a wager on the 76ers to cover a five-point spread against the Celtics and the Pacers covering a four-point spread against the Atlanta Hawks, with the two wagers placed as a parlay bet. Then, Philadelphia triumphs by a 110-103 score, while Indiana prevails over the Hawks by a 103-97 margin. With the Sixers notching a seven-point margin of victory and the Pacers managing a six-point one, both teams covered their respective spreads and the parlay wager is therefore a winner.

Team/Player Props

Team and player prop bets involve wagers on a specific statistical milestone or benchmark being hit during a game. Examples of game prop bets are a wager on whether, say, the 76ers will score more or less than a projected amount of points during the first half, or what the margin of victory will be for the 76ers. Examples of player prop bets include a wager on which player will score the first basket in a game or a wager on whether a specific player will score more or less than a projected total of points for that game.


A futures wager is exactly what it sounds like – a wager on an outcome that will unfold at some point in the future, usually the end of the season. As with player prop bets, there can be team- and player-based futures wagers. Team-based wagers are typically made before the start of the regular season and involve bets on whether a team will win its division, conference or the NBA Finals, for example. Conversely, a player-based futures wager often involves placing a bet on whether a player will reach a specific statistical milestone or even garner a certain award at the end of the season.

Using the 76ers as an example, a bettor could potentially place a wager on whether Joel Embiid will win the MVP award at the end of the 2019-20 season. A bettor places the wager before the season begins, and if Embiid ultimately wins the award, the bettor will be paid out based on the odds the bet carried at the time it was placed.