Betradar Deal With DOJO Madness Aims To Offer Esports Betting Products That Have Never Been Seen Before

Written By Joss Wood on November 17, 2016 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]Betradar has struck a deal with DOJO Madness which enables the company to provide live odds “across a whole range of online and offline esports competitions.”

Betradar’s Head of Esports James Watson said:

“We were always clear that esports live betting provided a great opportunity to invigorate the market, but we weren’t prepared to rush in at the cost of our, and our clients’, reputation.

Across all esports, the complexity of the games and the huge volume of data that needs to be captured and processed makes it much more challenging to model than traditional sports.

DOJO Madness provides sophisticated big data-based tools that help gamers master their play.

Their LOLSUMO real-time coach for League of Legends (LoL) “provides personalized guidance and actionable analysis while considering the user’s team-mates and opponents.”

DOJO Madness CEO Jens Hilgers commented:

“Our core competency at DOJO is collecting and interpreting esports game data. Our coaching apps, such as LOLSUMO, are prime examples of how we create real value through our data services.

Bringing our big data expertise into the esports betting industry was a natural fit, and partnering with Betradar is a fantastic opportunity for us.”

It is the big data capabilities of DOJO Madness that Betradar seeks to harness in support of esports betting:

“DOJO’s service has developed complex models based on the analysis of over 450,000 rounds and 18 million individual data points.

This has enabled the generation of reliable real-time probabilities for both pre-match and live betting events, allowing Betradar to provide its operator clients with the most credible live betting offering available.”

CS:GO will be the first game to benefit

Betradar officially launches its new live betting products for CS:GO at the end of this month, but esports betting operators can get hold of the product now, Watson told ESBR.

He sees that the esports betting industry has suffered because of the substantial delay between when live events happen and when that information is available to esports betting operators.

The gap opens the door to the possibility of fraud, and reduces the quality of the bettor’s experience.

Watson told ESBR that the deal was a great match up between “DOJO Madness’ experience of esports and esports data and Betradar’s experience and knowledge in the odds provision market.”

Dota 2 and League of Legends to come in the New Year

The addition of DOJO Madness data will enable Betradar to offer extra live betting odds for other esports as soon as they can be integrated with the Betradar product line.

Dota 2 and LoL products should be launched early in the New Year.

Overwatch betting is also in development.

Deal deepens the relationship with ESL

In October last year, Betradar’s parent, Sportradar, announced a partnership with ESL where the company agreed to develop a range of products for ESL, including the use of its Fraud Detection System.

As part of the deal, ESL and Betradar used their complementary skills to provide a new product line that offers “all the tools needed for operators to create their own eSports betting offer.”

DOJO Madness founder Jens Hilgers is the founder and chairman of Turtle Entertainment/ESL.

James Watson explained that the DOJO Madness deal would enhance the partnership between Betradar and ESL:

“We’re delighted to have been able to partner with industry-experts at DOJO to create a best-in-class approach, further enhancing the exclusive fast content from our partnership with ESL – we have really created a new and unique framework that will greatly benefit operators.

From today, they will be able to tap into the demand for comprehensive live coverage with the ideal range of Betradar services to support them alongside the best content and odds suggestions.”

The advantage for esports betting operators

The new products which Betradar is developing as the result of the deal should provide esports betting operators with the ability to offer a much wider range of betting options to their customers.

Reducing time lags between live events in an esports tournament and online odds provision will diminish fraud risks and provide a real-time experience for esports bettors.

Watson told ESBR that operators would be able to offer round by round bets that have “never been seen before.”

The deal is set up for the long term – “at least 8 years” according to Watson. Esports betting operators should see this as one more step towards fulfilling the potential of esports gambling.

It may not be very long before the esports betting offer matches both the quality and breadth of the offers available for traditional sports.

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