Behind The Lines: BetMGM Insider Shares Betting Info Before NFL Playoffs Begin

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated

Betting sites are ready to go for the NFL playoffs. With NFL Wild Card Weekend incoming, BetMGM Trading Manager Christian Cipollini spoke to to discuss the odds. Let’s look at the breakdown for the upcoming matchups at BetMGM. Weather is playing a huge factor in Buffalo and Kansas City. What’s it like to set lines for games like this? What has the Bills’ roller-coaster season been like from an odds perspective? Those are two of several topics Cipollini answered.

Behind The Lines Podcast

How Weather Affects The Totals For Miami at Kansas City

The Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs game is expected to see zero-degree weather at kickoff. Cippolini explains how both the weather and the team’s recent play affect the totals set at BetMGM.

“We actually did open at 44, this went down to 43, and we’re back up to 44,” said Christian Cipollini, BetMGM Trading Manager. “Usually, wind is a bigger factor than just straight-up cold. But this is also one where you expect it to be a little bit of a higher total…. under normal circumstances, just judging by the two teams. Although the Chiefs defense has been good, and their offenses have been a bit stagnant.”

Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Game Totals Bet Down Heavily

Another matchup heavily affected by the weather will be the Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills game. According to Cipollini, the public has smashed the Under for this matchup.

“Yeah, so this one actually opened at 40.5 briefly, but we were getting hit at that number on the Under very quickly and moved all the way down at this point, a five-point move, which is pretty significant,” continued Cipollini.” Judging that there’s not any truly significant injuries that would bring that number down so this is strictly off weather, it’s a five-point move. This one is going to have a lot more wind and rain and nastier conditions, which is bringing that total down.”

Bills Odds Were A Rollercoaster This Season

Sticking with Buffalo, the Bills had a true rollercoaster of a season. But how exactly were their odds affected throughout the year?

“So before that Eagles game, they were +2200 to win the Super Bowl, kind of falling off,” said Cipollini. “After that loss, they drifted all the way up to…the highest was +4000 for us. But then things after that game really turned around.”

“Actually, for both of those teams, Eagles and the Bills there. But after that game, they moved to +2000 after beating the Chiefs. And then, after they beat the Cowboys, they got to +1400. A little shaky Chargers win only moved them into +1200. But after that, another Patriots win +900, on to where we are now. Ended up getting the two seed which is just a crazy ride for a team that was +4000.”

“We talked about it on here that they were pretty much out of it, and it was going to be really, really difficult for them to get back because they did play good teams down that stretch. But they got some help from a couple of teams that didn’t end up making it. So they ended up not only sneaking in but getting in as the two seed. Which is just, it’s crazy.”

DateSuper Bowl OddsAFC Championship Odds
Before Eagles Loss (Week 12)+2200+1200
After Eagles Loss (Week 13)+3500+1800
During Bye (Week 13)+4000+2000
After Chiefs Win (Week 14)+2000+1000
After Cowboys Win (Week 15)+1400+700
After Chargers Win (Week 16)+1200+500
After Patriots Win (Week 17)+900+400
Before Dolphins Win (Week 18)+800+350

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Breakdown

The Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers game is an interesting matchup. Despite the Eagles being favored, their recent play makes them vulnerable.

“Yeah, these teams played on Monday night in Week 3 at Tampa as well. The Eagles are 2.5 point road favorites, with a 43 point total.”

“I mean, the defense is a complete mess,” continued Cipollini. “They couldn’t stop any team at this point. The Panthers would probably put up 20 on them. I think Baker’s gonna torch them. At least they don’t also seem to want to change anything in all their press conferences. They say the same thing, that nothing’s gonna be changed. So, if that’s what they’re gonna roll with, I would expect Tampa to win this one probably pretty easily if they don’t want to change anything.”

“They’re asking if they’re gonna change their plays or scheme anything,” said Cipollini. “Is there gonna be any changes, you know, judging off the past few weeks, and they say no, our system is good. So..”

These Wild Card Weekend matchups at BetMGM will be greatly affected by weather, injuries, and bad habits. Bettors should make a note of all of these as they place their bets.