NRFI & YRFI Odds: MLB No Runs & Yes Runs First Inning Betting For Friday, June 28

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NRFI odds

If you want to bet on NRFI (or YRFI) odds, we have you covered at TheLines. I’ve collected the best No Run First Inning odds across various betting sites to aid your NRFI odds line shopping. Read on to find the best NRFI odds from Friday, June 28.

This week might feature the weakest selection of arms since this column started. Hot weather plus below-average pitching should be a recipe for runs. That’s reflected in the totals, almost all of which are at 8.5 or higher. Want to learn more? Explore our “What is NRFI?” page.

GameBest NRFI OddsBest YRFI Odds
Marlins at Phillies
Nationals at Rays
Rangers at Orioles
Yankees at Blue Jays
Rockies at White Sox
Astros at Mets
Padres at Red Sox
Pirates at Braves
Cubs at Brewers
Guardians at Royals
Reds at Cardinals
Tigers at Angels
A’s at Diamondbacks
Twins at Mariners
Dodgers at Giants

Handicapping NRFI & YRFI Odds For June 28

Which games have a decent setup for NRFI odds, and which might be more attractive for YRFI bettors?

Marlins At Phillies

One thing we know about this matchup is the Marlins match up absolutely dreadfully against Cristopher Sanchez. Not only is Sanchez a very good pitcher, but he throws with his left hand. As bad as the Marlins are in general at hitting baseballs, they’re at their worst facing southpaws — a 69 wRC+ there is decidedly not nice.

It’s the other side of this that makes one leery of betting NRFI odds. The Marlins are starting Kyle Tyler, who is definitely a real person who throws baseballs for a living. Other than that, it’s hard to say much of anything with certainty about him. Tyler just made his first MLB start, and he had more walks than strikeouts against the Mariners. He also has an xFIP greater than 5 at Triple-A.

However, he does have a couple of major potential injuries in his favor. Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber have both gotten dinged up. They both sustained lower leg injuries and are highly doubtful for this game. Given the great situation the Phils have built for themselves, there’s zero reason to push it.

Add in the loss of JT Realmuto, and this top of the Phillies order could look wildly different tonight, and not in a good way. That could help NRFI odds greatly.

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Rockies At White Sox

If there’s a pair of offenses you can have confidence will have a tough time scoring, it’s probably these two. They rank 28th and 30th in wRC+, with Miami sandwiched between them.

How ice-cold are the Pale Hose at the moment? They’ve scored six runs total in their past five games. That isn’t easy to do, no matter how bad you are.

Of course, these hurlers are nothing to write home about, either. Drew Thorpe did at least just toss six shutout against the Tigers, though, demonstrating he can possibly work through these lower-level lineups. And he absolutely dominated at Double-A, which is probably where most of this Rockies lineup belongs.

Pirates At Braves

The Braves get to welcome back Martin Perez from the IL, and it should be a rude one.

In spite of their struggles with the sticks this season — getting shut out by the White Sox is the worst look possible — the Braves are still above-average hitting southpaws. Jarred Kelenic is getting hot and doing good work in the leadoff spot with the injuries having thinned out this group of hitters. The bottom half of this lineup is ugly, but the top end still looks pretty strong.

Braves starter Charlie Morton has begun showing his age. He can’t get his fastball by anyone anymore, though it still has plenty of velocity. His command is slipping, as he has 14 BB and a 5.72 ERA since May 27, despite a pretty friendly schedule that included the Nationals twice and the A’s once.

Truist Park has played hitter-friendly the past few years, and it’s especially good for home runs. Look for a possible launch job early here in a decent setup for YRFI bettors.

Guardians At Royals

Triston McKenzie spent a quarter of the season confounding the peripherals. However, it appears the other shoe has finally dropped, and his poor underlying performances have started to catch up to him. He owns a downright hideous line (7.27 ERA/8.47 FIP/5.4 xFIP) since May 22.

That will happen when you are throwing major league pitches with your elbow hanging on by a literal thread. McKenzie’s been pitching with a partially torn UCL, according to reports.

The projections still see McKenzie as a roughly average contributor, but if he’s much worse than that, then this total is too low.

And the top of the Royals lineup is the only threatening part. The quality drops off in a hurry after clean-up man Salvador Perez.

Royals starter Alec Marsh hasn’t exactly been dealing either. He has allowed 3 ER or more in six of his past seven starts. In three of those, he allowed at least 5 ER.

Unless Kauffman swallows up some deep flies here, we could see early offense.

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