Barstool Sportsbook Tracker: ‘Bet With Barstool’ 1-11 Through Two NFL Weeks

Written By Dave Bontempo on September 21, 2021

Responsible gambling campaigns may soon have a slogan: Don’t prop ’till you drop. Those who backed bets suggested by its influencers in the ‘Bet With Barstool’ section of the app will be looking for better Barstool Sportsbook Week 3 results.

Users are indeed paying the tab for the ‘Prop Party’ at Barstool Sportsbook, which presents unconventional wagers – even by prop standards – to players via its ‘Exclusives’ section of the app.

Bet $5 Get $200 + Up to $1,050 Bonus

Bet With Barstool 2021 Tracker

  • Overall Record: 1-11
  • Net Profits on $100 bets: -$800

Through two weeks of the NFL season, bettors are 1-11 in odds-boosted NFL bets the book put up in its ‘Bet With Barstool’ section before Sunday and Monday night games. That includes 0-6 in Week 2. (Wagers in which bettors could gamble on either side are not on this list, but mentioned below).

Had gamblers invested in each prop wager, they would have recouped just one-third of their stake: A $100 bet on each prop would mean a net loss of $800 ($1,200 bet, $400 won). A $25 wager on each is a net loss of $200 ($300 bet, $100 cashed).

The message: everything is available, at unprecedented levels. But gamblers must watch their own bankrolls and their backs.

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Barstool Sportsbook Week 3 Disclaimer

In fairness, the vast majority are not playing every ‘Bet With Barstool’ offering, and gamblers are not obligated to opt-in to the offers. Furthermore, some of the Barstool bets that didn’t connect were near-misses.

What makes this situation unique, however, is that props are being offered en masse in the names of social influencers, not known handicappers. Once there was Jimmy the Greek. Now the prop line is set by … Big Cat?

Bettors tap both into the notoriety of the personalities and the human inclination for side action – from NFL parlays to 29-1 odds of a 2 or 12 being thrown at the craps table.

Before reviewing Week 2, some general concepts:

  • Most books have a low percentage of customer hits on parlays. Players should use these as a small part of their overall budget. Props should be fun and fireworks, not a budgetary pins and needles.
  • Two-legged parlays are hard enough to hit. Three and four are even harder. Find where you are comfortable. Experienced bettors will bet a two-teamer over the higher payout on three or more legs for this reason.
  • Keep watching and analyzing. Some ‘Bet With Barstool’ props offer better odds than standard sportsbooks, some are actually worse.

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Bet With Barstool NFL Week 2 Results

Big Cat Can’t Lose Parlay

Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win outright, PLUS the Philadelphia Eagles +8.5 against the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs-Baltimore Ravens over/ under at 47.5

Odds: +350

How it was structured: players were given three heavy moneyline favorites and a major tease on the Eagles from +3.5 to +8.5. They also were given a six-point tailwind on the Baltimore Ravens-Kansas City Chiefs. The over-under was 53 and the game finished at 71.

Betting strategy: Trying to take advantage of a good price. DraftKings paid +238 for what was relatively the same wager (over-under totals did not line up exactly).

Why it lost: The Pittsburgh Steelers were upset by the Las Vegas Raiders at home.

Result: Hitting five aspects of anything is tough. The law of averages caught up here. Hitting four parts out of five returned nothing. Big Cat delivered a parlay in the +300-price range the previous week, the lone winner in the group.

Mortal Lock

Arizona Cardinals -4.5 versus the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars +6.5 against the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets +5.5 against the New England Patriots.

Odds: +750

Structure: Bettors were giving roughly half a point more than what the betting lines had in exchange for a strong payout.

Intangible: A potentially handsome return for slightly tweaking the line in three straight games. But it’s tough to ask bad teams to do good things for you.

Result: Check please. Every leg of this bet lost. Mortal lockout.

Bet With Logan Paul

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to score and the Cleveland Browns to defeat the Houston Texans

Odds: +315

Structure: A touchdown from two different running backs on the same team in a winning effort.

Intangible: Cleveland has the best running-back tandem in football. They each had scored the previous week, when Cleveland lost to the Chiefs 33-29.

Result: Loser because Hunt did not score. How could bettors know that he would get 13 carries without reaching the end zone and that Andy Janovich would have just two carries and get in?

Summary: Both backs to score is always a crapshoot. Considering the degree of difficulty, it would not have paid enough. Look for combined yardage props for Chubb and Hunt if you can find them.


First touchdown must be scored by the New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

Odds: Irrelevent

Result: Well…the Jets will still be looking for their first touchdown from Week 2 when Week 3 starts. They bowed to the New England Patriots 25-6.

Summary: Probably a junk bet even in the best of times. Three select dogs each to score the first TD? That may happen once a season.

The People’s Pick

This one is popular because the book makes a Monday Night Football odds boost from a poll of its Twitter followers. The tweets favored Davante Adams of the Packers being boosted to be the first TD scorer in the Packers-Lions game.

Odds: +600

Result: This was better value relative to other books, which generally had Adams at +500 to score first. But what good is going with the crowd when everyone goes down together? Adams did not score at all.

Summary: At least the Adams prop had a better price than other books.

Bet With Kayce and Fran +1400

Aaron Rodgers to throw three touchdown passes, Davante Adams to score two, Jared Goff to throw two touchdown passes and Green Bay to win.

Odds: +1400.

Summary: Hard to quantify as DraftKings won’t allow the results to be mixed. But taking the individual odds of -120 for Rodgers, +110 for Goff, +350 for Adams and -650 for Green Bay, and running them through a parlay calculator revealed that this should pay just under +1900. Barstool offered very bad betting odds. Gamblers can use this technique to at least determine relative value if a competing book cannot give its own number to the same wager as Barstool.

Two-Sided Market: The Hanson

This was a fun one for bettors, with action on both sides. It offers a prop on the total number of points scored in the NFL in the 1:00p and 4:00p games. On Sunday, the 1:00p games had an over-under of 426 points. The 4:00p games had a 214 total.

Gamblers could choose -110 on either side.

The under won the 1:00p games and the over prevailed at 4:00p.

It means action on every game in one bet. Nobody was taken in. Fair numbers. Square odds. Some win, some lose, but everybody has a shot.

Final Thoughts For Barstool Sportsbook Week 3

Bettors can find some fun bets here that don’t exist elsewhere, but there are also some rabbit holes that will suck up your money.

Narrow your focus, determine what fits your comfort zone and stick to your strengths before logging into Barstool Sportsbook Week 3.

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