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Marc Meltzer grew up on the mean streets of the South Bronx. He's the rare combination of Yankees and Jets fan which explains his often contrarian point of view. Marc is a freelance writer and social media consultant. Writing about steak, booze, gambling and Las Vegas is a tough job but somebody has to do it.

How Much Money Will Be Bet On The Super Bowl In 2019?

Marc Meltzer January 27, 2019
Super Bowl Bet

The Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event of the year. Not only do millions of people watch the Big Game on TV but plenty of people wager, legally and illegally, on the Super Bowl. There were more than $150 million in legal wagers on the Super Bowl in Nevada alone in 2018.

There should be even more money bet on the Super Bowl in the US this year thanks to more states legalizing sports betting.

Betting on the Super Bowl around the US

More money is legally wagered on the Super Bowl in Nevada than any other single day event. That number should grow thanks to the repeal of the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018.

This year more states than ever will take legal sports wagers on the Super Bowl. In addition to gambling on the Super Bowl in Nevada, sports fans can legally wager on the Super Bowl in the following US states:

Increasing amounts of money legally wagered on the Super Bowl in the US is just getting started. This should see another increase in 2019 as more states legalize sports gambling. That’s a story to be told next year.

Bet on Super Bowl 53 at these legal sportsbooks in New Jersey

Super Bowl betting in Nevada breaking records

The handle (amount of money wagered) on the Super Bowl in Nevada has increased every year since 2016. Last year a record of $158,586,934 was wagered on the Super Bowl in Nevada. Sports bettors did quite well as the sportsbooks won less than one percent of the wagers.

All together, Nevada sportsbooks won $1,170,432 or 0.7 percent of wagers placed on the Super Bowl in 2018. While some years are more profitable than others for Nevada sportsbooks have only lost money on two Super Bowls since 1991. The most recent losing Super Bowl for Nevada sportsbooks was 2008 when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14.

Betting on the Super Bowl in Nevada is quite different than football games throughout the year. The vast majority of football bets during the regular season are on a team or total. During the Super Bowl, that only counts for about half the wagers on the game. Prop bets account for the other half of wagers on the Super Bowl and they’re more popular than ever before.

Nevada Sports Betting Handle/Revenue Since 2000

YearGameHandle RevenueBooks W/L %
2018Philadelphia vs. New England$158,586,934$1,170,4320.7%
2017New England vs. Atlanta$138,480,136$10,937,8267.9%
2016Denver vs. Carolina$132,545,587$13,314,53910.1%
2015New England vs. Seattle$115,986,086$3,261,0662.8%
2014Seattle vs. Denver$119,400,000$19,700,00016.5%
2013Baltimore vs. San Francisco$98,936,798$7,206,4607.3%
2012NY Giants vs. New England$93,899,840$5,064,4705.4%
2011Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh$87,491,098$724,1760.8%
2010New Orleans vs. Indianapolis$82,726,367$6,857,1018.3%
2009Pittsburgh vs. Arizona$81,514,748$6,678,0448.2%
2008N.Y. Giants vs. New England$92,055,833-$2,573,103-2.8%
2007Indianapolis vs. Chicago$93,067,358$12,930,17513.9%
2006Pittsburgh vs. Seattle$94,534,372$8,828,4319.3%
2005New England vs. Philadelphia$90,759,236$15,430,13817%
2004New England vs. Carolina$81,242,191$12,440,69815.3%
2003Tampa Bay vs. Oakland$71,693,032$5,264,9637.3%
2002New England vs. St. Louis$71,513,304$2,331,6073.3%
2001Baltimore vs. New York Giants$67,661,425$11,002,63616.3%
2000St. Louis vs. Tennessee$71,046,751$4,237,9786%

Betting on the 2019 Super Bowl in the US

It didn’t take much time for bettors in Nevada to place big Super Bowl bets. ESPN reports that there were at least two wagers of more than $100,000 just after the New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams game was confirmed on Sunday evening.

Regardless of the teams playing in the Big Game, sportsbook operators told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that they’re expecting another record handle in Nevada on the Super Bowl. That’s just the beginning of how much will be wagered on the Super Bowl in 2019.

According to a Morning Consult/American Gaming Association survey, approximately 22.7 million of all Americans will wager approximately $6 billion on the 2019 Super Bowl. That’s nearly 10 percent of all Americans.

However, most of the money bet on the Super Bowl will still be illegal. The AGA expects that 1.8 million Americans will wager on the Super Bowl illegally through a bookie. Additionally, they expect millions more will be betting illegally through offshore online books. is expecting one million people to bet approximately $100 million on the Super Bowl in New Jersey. Overall, Dustin Gouker from Play NJ expects approximately $325 million of legal wagers on the Super Bowl in the US.

The upside of legal Super Bowl betting

There has been a lot of money spent gambling in the US on the Super Bowl. The vast majority of gambling on the Big Game in the US has been illegal. According to the American Gaming Association, approximately $4.76 billion was wagered on Super Bowl 52 between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles in the US last year.

With just over $15o million legally wagered on the Super Bowl in Nevada in 2018, approximately 97 percent of all money wagered on Super Bowl 52 was illegal in the US.

While the majority of Super Bowl betting will remain illegal in the States, there should be an overall increase in taxable dollars wagered at legal sportsbooks this year.

Circa Las Vegas To Open The Largest Sportsbook In The World In 2020

Marc Meltzer January 11, 2019
Circa Sportsbook

On Thursday night, Derek Stevens introduced his newest casino project in Sin City. Circa Las Vegas will open in downtown Las Vegas in late 2020. The vision for the entire casino sounds great, but the Michigan native and huge sports fan saved the best for the sportsbook.

The Circa Las Vegas Sportsbook will be the largest in the world. The sportsbook will have two floors of stadium seating. The third floor of the sportsbook will feature a studio for the Vegas Sports and Information Network (VSiN).

“When you think of a sportsbook … we want to create that ‘wow’ moment,” Stevens said during the introduction of Circa Las Vegas.

“We want to create something that people don’t forget. For me, I’ll never forget that moment I walked into the Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate) SuperBook. I looked around, and I thought to myself, ‘my god, this is the greatest place on Earth right here.’”

He continued: “When you come close to the sportsbook you’ll see the VSiN studio overlooking the 3-story largest sportsbook in Las Vegas history. It’s going to make every guest that comes here want to take a picture and want to make a bet and want to go home and tell all their friends that they were there.”

The world’s largest sportsbook

The Circa Las Vegas sportsbook should become a destination sportsbook like the SuperBook at the Westgate. TheLines sat down with Derek Stevens last year to get an idea of what he plans to offer at the Circa Las Vegas sportsbook, and it’s nothing short of impressive.

The sportsbook will occupy three floors and have the world’s largest TV screen. While the sportsbook might not be as wide as the Westgate SuperBook, it will certainly have height on its side with two floors of seating for the public and another level for broadcasts.

There will also be five media studios. One studio will be dedicated VSiN while the others will be available for various broadcasts because Derek Stevens owns a 10 percent stake in VSiN. The partnership should increase his involvement with the sports gambling radio station.

Circa Las Vegas’ sister property, the D, is the official downtown Las Vegas casino partner of the Vegas Golden Knights. Last year alone, the D hosted 30 different remote radio broadcasts including a week of “Ferrall on the Bench” during the week of the Super Bowl.

March Madness pool parties

The rooftop pool at Circa Las Vegas will be more than just a place to take a dip. The multilevel pool will double as an events center. There will be six different pools, a 125-foot TV and a capacity of 4,000 people. That sounds like a perfect venue for a Spring Break/March Madness party.

When the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was repealed, some worried if this would doom the Las Vegas sportsbook business. That might have been exaggerated a little.

While there should be some effect on business, this kind of great sportsbook and event space will offer a unique way to watch the games that no other city offers.

New independent sportsbook operator

The sportsbook at Circa Las Vegas has inspired Stevens to expand his sportsbook operation. Last year, Stevens hired Matt Metcalf, formerly of the Westgate SuperBook, as the sportsbook director for his properties.

William Hill will no longer operate the sportsbook at the D. In fact, the current 12 seat sportsbook will eventually move.

The William Hill kiosk at the Golden Gate will be gone before the summer. A new sportsbook will open at the Golden Gate casino, which is across the street from Circa Las Vegas. This sportsbook will become the hub of the new sportsbook operation for Stevens, in fact, expect to hear more about it soon.

Circa Las Vegas

Circa Las Vegas will be the first new casino construction in downtown Las Vegas since 1980. The casino-resort will occupy an entire city block and covers 1.25 million square feet. In addition to the massive sportsbook, the property will feature a two-level casino, 777 hotel rooms, numerous restaurants, a spa and more.

Check out the promo video for Circa Las Vegas.

NBC Sports To Debut Interactive Game Broadcasts With Live Sports Betting Features

Marc Meltzer January 7, 2019
Sports Betting NBC

The repeal of the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018 opened the doors for states to legalize sports betting. It also opened the doors for mainstream sports media to embrace sports betting more than ever.

Websites and podcasts were the first to act since those are the forms of media that are quickest to respond. Older, traditional forms of media, like television and radio, are still working toward getting off the ground.

As 2019 begins, local and national sports betting radio shows are just ramping up.

While “Lock It In” debuted nationally on Fox Sports 1 last year, we’ve yet to see a major influx of TV shows dedicated to sports betting, though that should change this year.

The next step for televised sports betting could begin on the local level.

Next step for sports betting in the media

NBC Sports Washington is taking sports betting on television to another level. Instead of another show providing analysis, the regional sports network will debut a unique prototype of what TV could look like when sports betting is fully integrated.

On Jan. 11, NBC Sports Washington will air a second feed of the Washington Wizards game versus the Milwaukee Bucks. The traditional broadcast will be shown on the main station while an interactive broadcast will air on NBC Sports Washington Plus.

The game broadcast will be the same. The screen will feature wraparounds similar to what you’d see on ESPN News, any game on YouTube TV and new digital cable boxes.

However, this broadcast will include statistics and look more like FanDuel’sMore Ways To Win” videos and shows.

View a preview of the new broadcast here.

Those major difference from the regular broadcast of this basketball game will be interactive and feature sports betting information. The screen will show odds, point spreads and wagering options surrounding game action.

Even though NBA League Pass is available nationally, most of the audience for this game will be in the Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland where sports betting isn’t legal yet. The gambling interface for the game will be a sweepstakes-style game.

‘Predict the Game’

According to Sports Business Daily, the gambling will be more of a question-and-answer activity called “Predict the Game.”

Viewers will be able to answer questions like: “How many points a specific player will score in a quarter?” or “How many assists will a player have in a half?” for a chance to win $500.

While this will be a free game, it could also be the future of sports betting during live games.

NBC Sports Washington and Monumental Sports (Wizards’ ownership group) both see this as a way to appeal to new, mainstream sports bettors. This new television broadcast could be used as a model to incorporate sports betting more deeply into game broadcasts.

The idea of rewarding customers by predicting outcomes in sporting events isn’t necessarily a new concept. However, this will be the first time it will be integrated on TV with a live game.

Sports betting continues to take small steps toward mainstream distribution and acceptance, and this is just another step forward for legal sports betting in the US.

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What Will Bettors Look For When Choosing A Sportsbook In 2019 And Beyond?

Marc Meltzer January 2, 2019
Sportsbooks 2019

Toward the end of 2018, SuperBook USA, the national brand for the Las Vegas SuperBook at the Westgate, asked bettors what they look for when choosing a sportsbook. As the look and feel of sportsbooks change across the country, this is probably a good time to ask what was once a simple question.

When TheLines spoke with Jay Kornegay, from the Las Vegas SuperBook, in August, he said that “the size and scope of each new superbook will be based on regulations and what the partner property has to offer.” Answering this tweet could help to shape future sportsbooks around the country, but there’s no guarantee.

Building sportsbooks around the US

Many of the sportsbooks opening around the country are repurposed venues that previously existed as something else. While some casinos like Borgata, in New Jersey, are building new sportsbooks for the future, other casinos are happy with the less than spectacular space they already have.

To be fair, all sportsbooks can be good, but it takes a lot to make a great sportsbook. The traditional style of the world’s largest sportsbook at the Westgate may be one person’s favorite; meanwhile, Caesars Entertainment is testing The Book at The Linq to be its sportsbook model for its casinos all over the country.

What matters most when choosing a sportsbook?

Let’s take a look at some features to consider when choosing a sportsbook. Everyone has different preferences so some of these will matter more than others.

  • Size: Do you prefer a large sportsbook or a more cozy room?
  • Screens: Are lots of HDTVs sufficient or do you prefer theater-sized screens?
  • Seating: Sportsbooks are now offering a variety of seating including lounge chairs, couches, banquet chairs and bar stools.
  • VIP: What if nicer seats require a minimum on spending or cost money to reserve? The Fan Cave concept at The Linq seems popular for some but the minimum requirement can be a turnoff.
  • Horse racing: Does betting on the ponies matter? New sportsbooks in Las Vegas and around the country aren’t showing daily horse racing.
  • Odds: Every bettor wants the best odds but are you willing to give up a few cents on a line for a more comfortable experience?
  • Limits: Maximum bet limits matter to experienced sports bettors who may make their living betting sports.
  • Betting menu: Do you need a lot of in-play and pre-game betting option or are the basics enough?
  • Tech/Mobile/Kiosks: Do the most technologically advanced amenities matter when choosing a sportsbook? There’s no human interaction when using a smartphone or kiosk to place bets. That’s a bonus for many bettors.
  • Food: Do you need a sportsbook that also serves food? Are nearby take-out restaurants important?
  • Bar: Must the sportsbook include a bar or is cocktail service enough?
  • Prices: Convenience of food and drink is one thing but prices are another? Will you pay a little more for the ability to eat and drink inside of a sportsbook? Not all sportsbooks offer deals on their drinks and/or food.
  • Drink tickets: Will you bet at a sportsbook that doesn’t offer complimentary drink tickets with wagers?
  • More than sports: Do you want a sportsbook that offers non-sports betting gambling options as well? Some sportsbooks offer video poker and others have table games for those need to do more than one thing at a time.
  • Smoking: Will you visit or stay away from a sportsbook that doesn’t allow smoking? Some cigar smokers need a stogie while watching their games.

There’s sort of a design battle happening between sportsbooks. Traditional sportsbooks seem to be fine with most fans. The casinos around the country have something else in mind. The old school sportsbooks typically only generate revenue from betting. The casinos and racetracks are using the sportsbook to sell food and drink in addition to taking wagers.

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Sports Data Rich: FanDuel Becomes NBA ‘Authorized Gaming Operator’

Marc Meltzer December 18, 2018
FanDuel NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced a deal to make FanDuel Sportsbook an authorized gaming operator of the league. FanDuel will continue to be the official daily fantasy partner of the NBA and the WNBA.

The new and expanded partnership gives FanDuel access to official NBA betting data as well as the use of NBA and WNBA marks and logos across FanDuel’s sports betting offerings. This part of the deal might sound familiar as the NBA has similar partnerships with The Stars Group (BetStars) and MGM Resorts International.

What makes this deal slightly different is that FanDuel will remain the NBA’s Official Daily Fantasy Partner. They will continue to operate both the Official Daily Fantasy Game of the NBA and the WNBA. FanDuel and the NBA will also continue to offer NBA InPlay, the interactive, real-time mobile fantasy game that launched in 2016.

Maybe… finally… possibly… a sportsbook will do something with NBA data

MGM Resorts was the first company to sign a partnership with the NBA to access official data. So far, the international casino operator hasn’t offered anything new for pro basketball bettors. BetStars just signed their partnership and hasn’t offered new NBA sports betting options either. Perhaps, FanDuel and their beautiful app will offer NBA bettors a new way to get down on the action.

“The core of our terrific partnership with FanDuel has been focused on innovation around the fan experience, and we are excited to extend it to include sports betting,” said Scott Kaufman-Ross, Head of Fantasy & Gaming, NBA. “Together, we have broken new ground in the fantasy world on both the NBA and WNBA, and now with the use of our official NBA betting data, will continue to collaborate on new ways to engage our passionate fans.”

FanDuel has one of the best, if not the best, mobile sportsbook apps on the market. While FanDuel’s in-play betting options load quicker than some of the competition, it can still get better. Official data from the NBA should reduce any lag, which will give bettors a few more seconds to place a wager.

FanDuel already offers a large and quick In Play menu for NBA games. In theory, the new partnership should make these offerings even better.

FanDuel engaging NBA fans like nobody else

NBA fans are looking for engagement with the game anywhere they can find it. NBA twitter is probably the most active audience of all sports leagues. House Of Highlights on Instagram has more than 11 million followers enjoying NBA videos all day and night.

The NBA has always been a step of other professional sports leagues in the US. Their fans expect to be able to engage with the NBA more than any other sport. This new FanDuel partnership has the potential to give NBA fans another way to engage with a sport and brand they already know.

“We share a clear view on how we can collaborate to bring basketball fans new ways to engage with the games and players they love. With the expansion of our fantasy agreement and addition of sports betting, we are excited to work together in ways we haven’t before.”

The more partnerships the NBA signs the closer American sports bettors are to unlocking new ways to gamble on one of their favorite games. This could be the first partnership with the NBA to actually offer sports bettors in the US new and improved sports betting options.

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No Longshot: Gamblers Named ‘Most Influential People In Sports Business’ In 2018

Marc Meltzer December 17, 2018
Bet on sports in Nevada

The American Sports Gambler is the most influential person in the sports business, according to the SportsBusiness Journal.

Well, that didn’t take long. You’re the best and you’ll probably be the best again next year!

Sports betting expands rapidly

It’s only the beginning as the expansion of sports betting outside of Nevada continues.

In May 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court repealed the Professional Sports and Amateur Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992. Rescinding the federal ban on sports wagering means that states can begin to legalize sports betting.

Even though the fight for legal sports betting started in New Jersey, Delaware was the first state outside of Nevada to take single-game sports wagers. The floodgates then opened and seven more states in the US offer legal sports betting.

There’s already a long list of states that are looking to legalize sports betting next year. In a world where lists mean things, the most influential person(s) in sports media in 2019 will — once again — be the American Sports Gambler. Congrats in advance!

More people important to sports betting

While the gamblers are the most important part of sports betting, there are plenty of people that have helped the expansion around the company.

The SportsBusiness Journal also recognizes a handful of people associated with sportsbook operations and the professional leagues in the US that are helping, at least in part, to help expand sports betting across the country. (Also worth noting that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell landed at No. 3 on this list.)

2. Adam Silver
5. Rob Manfred
10. Gary Bettman
23. Jim Murren
48. Joe Asher

Adam Silver, of the NBA, has been the most outspoken league official on legalizing sports betting. Way back in 2014, he authored an op-ed for the New York Times calling for the legalization of sports betting. It came as no surprise that the NBA became the first league to announce an official gaming partner.

The deal with MGM Resorts Jim Murren (No. 23) was the first deal with a professional sports league and the casino operator, but it wasn’t the last.

MGM Resorts has signed similar deals with Major League Baseball (No. 5 Rob Manfred) and the National Hockey League (No. 10 Gary Bettman).

MGM Resorts currently has sportsbooks operating in Nevada, New Jersey and Mississippi. Their deal with Boyd Gaming could have their sportsbook operations expanding into even more states in 2019 and beyond.

Meanwhile, William Hill’s Joe Asher (No. 48) has taken a different approach to the growing sports betting market across the US. William Hill has signed deals directly with the teams instead of the leagues.

William Hill has deals with the Vegas Golden Knights and the New Jersey Devils. Additionally, the independent sportsbook operator isn’t tied to one casino brand and offer sports betting to the masses at racetracks, casinos, via mobile and through state lottery operations.

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BetStars Inks Deal With NBA, Joins MGM As Authorized Gaming Operator

Marc Meltzer December 12, 2018
BetStars NBA

This week, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and The Stars Group (BetStars) announced a new multiyear gaming partnership. The Stars Group is now an authorized sports betting operator of the NBA in the US.

This partnership is the first for the Stars Group with a professional sports league in the US. As of this announcement, BetStars is only operating in New Jersey.

Inside the deal

The deal between the NBA and The Stars Group is similar the partnership the NBA and MGM Resorts International agreed on earlier this year. Here’s the part of the deal that should effect NBA bettors.

  • The Stars Group has the right to use official NBA betting data and league marks across their digital sports betting offerings.

Additionally, both entities will help market each other.

The Stars Group will be promoted across the NBA’s digital assets including NBA TV,, the NBA App and NBA social media platforms. In return, the NBA will be promoted across The Stars Group’s gaming platforms.

This deal will include BetStars in the US, and PokerStars, which operates the world’s most popular online poker sites outside of the US.

The bottom line with this deal is that the NBA is paid for their name and data while The Stars Group and BetStars get promotion from the league and official data.

Data Deals: BetStars vs. MGM Resorts

In theory, this partnership puts BetStars on the same level as MGM Resorts International. The online and mobile sportsbook operator now has a similar deal with the NBA that the major worldwide casino operator has.

The marketing is good for the NBA and The Stars Group, but it’s really not something that’s useful for sports bettors at this time. The league could implement some kind of wagering opportunities in their games but it doesn’t seem as though that’s a priority.

Data deals with professional leagues in the US have great potential for sportsbook operators. The speed and uniqueness of the information should allow sportsbook operators to improve their betting product. Unfortunately, MGM Resorts International hasn’t used the data to offer new gambling experiences just yet.

While the mammoth casino operator has been slow to act with their league data, BetStars should be nimble enough to shake up NBA betting in New Jersey. Smaller and focused companies can often move quickly.

A casino operator has the challenge of selling various channels at multiple properties. For example, MGM Resorts, as a company, is selling a casino, entertainment, dining, nightclubs, spas, etc.

To date, MGM Resorts is signing deals and not improving their sports betting product for customers. That should come in time.

Meanwhile, The Stars Group only offers gambling products. This limited scope should allow BetStars to find ways to use the NBA data sooner than later.

BetStars is already offering more pre-game NBA wagering options than some other sportsbook operators in the US. On Tuesday night, BetStars had as many as 75 ways to wager on the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets. For comparison, MGM Resorts had 11 pre-game options for the game.

Official data from the NBA should allow both BetStars and MGM Resorts to offer unique In-Play wagering opportunities that other sportsbooks don’t or won’t offer. Sports bettors are eagerly awaiting new ways to gamble on their favorite games.

New NBA Data Deals Give Legal Sportsbooks The Upper Hand

Marc Meltzer November 28, 2018
NBA Data

On Wednesday, the NBA announced a first for a professional sports league in America. The league is now the first professional sports league in America to sign betting data partnerships related to the US market. The first two betting NBA data partners are Sportradar and Genius Sports.

This deal is a nonexclusive, so in theory, there could be more NBA betting data distribution partners in the future. This comes just a few months after MGM Resorts and the NBA signed a nonexclusive deal for data (and marketing). Coincidentally, or not, Sportradar is already providing data to MGM Resorts.

The first of its kind deal will begin with NBA and WNBA data distribution this year. Partnering with reputable data distribution services to provide official data to licensed sportsbooks could be a major step for legal sportsbook operators to separate from illegal bookies.

Legal sportsbooks moving forward

Data distribution deals by the NBA and other leagues can potentially leave illegal bookies in the Dark Ages. One benefit of sports bettors gambling with illegal bookies is the ability to bet on credit. This won’t go away. But while offering better lines for pre-game wagering is beneficial, there’s a whole lot more to betting on sports today.

Legal sportsbooks receiving data the quickest will allow them to offer in-play betting and some player propositions that won’t be accessible to illegal sportsbooks. In-play wagering has anecdotally been about 20 percent of the sports betting market in Nevada. That number is multiplying in New Jersey.

During a sports betting conference this week, Niall Connell, of FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey, said around 40 percent of their handle (amount of money wagered) is coming from in-play wagering. Having access to the best data will continue to grow that revenue stream and help advance legal sports betting around the country.

US sports betting worldwide

Sports betting in the US may never be the same. New international companies are changing the game. Sportsbook operators in New Jersey are already offering different options for US sports bettors thanks to their European influences.

Irish sportsbook operator Paddy Power is the brains behind the FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey. Kambi, another European company, is already powering sportsbooks in multiple states outside of Nevada.

US sports betting data distribution will also use experience from European companies. Carsten Koerl, chief executive officer of Sportradar, says that with “sports betting being so new to the United States, we will look to utilize our vast global experience in the space to implement innovative feeds and products to give fans and partners an amazing experience.”

Sports betting is evolving

For better or worse, sports betting in the US is changing. Between data deals with professional sports leagues and sportsbook operators with a different point of view than Nevada casinos, there are a lot of changes happening to sports betting in the US right now.

There are new ways to bet on sports popping up nearly every week. Thanks to new companies, new data deals and new wagering options, there’s no end in sight to the evolution of legal sports betting.

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No Hoops For You! New Jersey Bettors Limited On Local College Basketball Teams

Marc Meltzer November 9, 2018
NJ Betting Basketball

The college basketball season tipped off this week with more than 100 teams in action across the country. Before the season started most bettors were focused on getting down futures wagers for the team that will win the NCAA basketball championship in 2019. Now that there’s game action, the focus on betting is changing.

College basketball fans and bettors are now looking to wager on the many games that will take place until a champion is crowned at March Madness. This will be the first college hoops season where people outside of Nevada can wager on the games.

Since the repeal of PASPA, states have created different regulations for sports betting. Placing wagers on college basketball games this season will be different depending on where you watch and wager on the games.

Different rules for different states

Nevada and New Jersey are currently the only two states where you can wager on sports via a mobile device. When Mississippi allows mobile gaming it will likely only be allowed inside casinos.

Delaware and Mississippi do not allow sports bettors to wager online from a computer or mobile device. Gamblers must physically be inside of a sportsbook to place a wager in these two states.

New Jersey allows bettors to wager in a sportsbook and on a computer or mobile device. Nevada allows bettors to wager in a sportsbook and on a mobile device. Even though both states allow mobile betting there’s a difference on which games they can wager on.

No college sports betting on home teams in New Jersey

New Jersey residents can wager on college sports as long as the game doesn’t involve a university or venue in the state. Seton Hall, Princeton, and Rutgers fans in New Jersey won’t be able to place wagers on their team unless the leave the state.

Likewise, college basketball fans won’t be able to wager on the Air Force Reserve Boardwalk Classic in Atlantic City on Dec. 15 or the Boardwalk Battle on Dec. 21 and 22. Of course, bettors who need action can drive 90 minutes to Delaware Park Casino.

Missisissipi, Delaware, and Nevada don’t have restrictions on betting on college sports.

Betting on college hoops in Nevada

Nevada college basketball fans and bettors have the best scenario. Anyone with a mobile sports wagering account can wager on all college sports. Bettors can even wager on college sports while watching the games in person.

UNLV and University of Nevada games are just the tip of the iceberg for betting on college basketball in Nevada. Once again Las Vegas will be home to the Pac 12, West Coast Conference, Mountain West, and WAC conference tournaments. Conference tournament week in a casino is great. Being able to watch and wager on some of those games in person is even better.

New Downtown Las Vegas Sportsbooks Won’t Show Daily Horse Racing

Marc Meltzer October 26, 2018
Sportsbooks horse racing

Derek Stevens recently announced that he’s submitted paperwork with the Nevada Gaming Control Board to start taking sports bets at The D, Golden Gate, and his soon to be built 18 Fremont casinos.

William Hill currently operates The D sportsbook while the Golden Gate offers guests a William Hill kiosk.

TheLines sat down with Stevens to discuss the new sportsbooks. He expects to receive regulatory approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board in the second quarter (April, May, June) of 2019.

Shortly after receiving approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the Golden Gate casino will open a new sportsbook and begin taking bets on sports. A few days later The D sportsbook will begin taking bets on sports.

Our biggest takeaway from talking to Stevens: The Golden Gate and The D sportsbooks will no longer take bets on daily horse races.

Horses leaving Downtown Las Vegas

The changes mean that when 18 Fremont opens in 2020, 25% (three of 12) of casinos in downtown Las Vegas will not show horse racing daily. Stevens says his casinos will still book action on the bigger races like the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders Cup but they will not offer horse racing in any of his three sportsbooks on a daily basis.

Downtown Las Vegas is sometimes seen as a part of Las Vegas where older tourists migrate when the Vegas Strip skews a little too young. On the surface, casinos that cater to tourists no longer showing horse races continues a trend that we’ve seen on the Vegas Strip.

In the past two years of sportsbook openings, The Cromwell, Park MGM, and The Linq sportsbooks are not showing daily horse racing in their sportsbooks. The horse racing section at the Cosmopolitan still operates but features sports when there are big games.

Why dump the ponies in Downtown Vegas?

Stevens says the decision comes down customer demand. While guests love to watch the big horse races because they’re events, there isn’t enough demand to show and take wagers on every race, every day.

We talked a little bit about the history of horse bettors and sports bettors. There was a time when these gamblers were the same individual bettor. The sports and horse betting customer over the years. The majority of sports bettors no bet on the horses.

Times change and so do casino guests. If customers are only wagering significantly on horse racing four or five days a year, it’s difficult to justify keeping the horse races because that’s the way it has always been.

New Downtown Las Vegas sportsbooks

If all goes as planned, the new sportsbook at the Golden Gate casino should be open sometime in the second quarter of 2019. Stevens says he will refresh the sportsbook at The D with eyes on a new sportsbook down the line.

Construction is just getting beginning on 18 Fremont and its multi-level sportsbook. The plan is to have that casino open with the world’s largest sportsbook screen. We should here updates on progress throughout 2019.

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