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Brett Collson

Brett Collson

Brett Collson is the managing editor of With more than 10 years of experience in the gambling industry, Brett has covered poker, sports betting, and daily fantasy sports extensively. He also spent several years reporting on Major League Baseball and college basketball in Philadelphia. He now resides in Buffalo, NY.

TheLines Podcast Episode 5: The One Where We Get Angry About Things

Brett Collson May 24, 2018
TheLines Podcast

There was a lot to get heated about in the world of sports betting this week. All of a sudden:

Matt Brown, Dustin Gouker and Brett Collson tackle each of these topics at full speed in Episode 5 of TheLines Podcast. Matt nearly gets flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty before the show wraps.

Show Timestamps

  • 0:57 — Quick hits from last week
  • 5:45 — State Watch: Who will launch sports betting first?
  • 10:09 — What’s up in New York, Mississippi and Florida?
  • 16:40 — The power of the Tribes
  • 18:20 — The NCAA and its sports betting hypocrisy
  • 25:23 — Dustin’s victory lap; FanDuel acquired by a sports betting company
  • 35:06 — DraftKings is already marketing its sportsbook that doesn’t exist
  • 36:09 — A lot of yelling about Orrin Hatch’s op-ed

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TheLines Podcast Episode 4: A Brand New Sports Betting World

Brett Collson May 16, 2018
Sports Betting

So, something happened this week.

In Episode 4 of TheLines Podcast, Matt Brown and Dustin Gouker dig into the landmark Supreme Court decision that will completely reshape the way we bet on sports in the U.S. By a vote of six to three, SCOTUS reversed the federal ban on sports betting, allowing states to offer sports wagering if they choose to legalize and regulate it.

What does it mean for your state? A lot still needs to happen, and we unpack as much as we can in 47 minutes. Have a listen below.

Show Timestamps

  • 0:27 — The decision
  • 4:11 — Next steps for states
  • 6:32 — Winners and losers of the ruling
  • 24:20 — Falsities about sports integrity
  • 28:30 — The future of offshore betting sites and local bookies
  • 36:10 — More on integrity: statements from the NBA and NFL
  • 41:40 — Potential launch date for sports betting in New Jersey

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The Lines Podcast Episode 3: FanDuel Commits To Sports Betting, NBA Commits To Nothing

Brett Collson May 11, 2018
TheLines Podcast

We live in a different world than we did three years ago. Back then, fantasy sports giant FanDuel claimed that the product it sells is not gambling. Today, FanDuel is preparing to enter the potentially lucrative sports betting space, following a move made by rival DraftKings a few short months ago.

And we’re all shocked.

Meanwhile, NBA commissioner Adam Silver continues to send mixed messages about the impact of sports betting despite the irrefutable evidence that shows increased wagering will only add to the league’s engagement.

In Episode 3 of TheLines Podcast, Matt Brown, Dustin Gouker and Brett Collson hit on these topics and many more as we get closer to a Supreme Court decision in #PASPAWatch.

Show Timestamps

  • 2:18 — Kentucky Derby a big success at the betting window
  • 10:18 — FanDuel enters sports betting
  • 17:00 — Adam Silver’s comments on sports betting
  • 25:00 — William Hill CEO says US will be the priority if PASPA struck down
  • 30:06 — Vegas Golden Knights advance again
  • 33:51 — Former WSOP Main Event runner-up sues PokerStars
  • 37:03 — Michigan online gambling bill update
  • 39:00 — Recapping the first week of shared online poker liquidity on the U.S.

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TheLines Podcast Episode 2: The Impact Of Legalized Sports Betting

Brett Collson May 3, 2018
TheLines Podcast

Last week, we introduced TheLines Podcast with an overview of the New Jersey sports betting case that is currently in the hands of the Supreme Court. The decision is still at least 10 days away, but hopefully now you’re up to speed on the possible outcomes of the ruling.

Up next — what will happen if the sports betting industry receives a favorable decision? On Episode 2 of the podcast, hosts Matt Brown and Dustin Gouker discuss the impact of widespread sports betting across the country, particularly in Nevada where betting is already legal.

Dustin also fills us in on the new sports betting bill that surfaced in New Jersey this week. Where the hell did that come from?

Show timestamps

  • 1:00 — When will the Supreme Court decision come down?
  • 3:45 — New Jersey bill (with integrity fee)
  • 10:30 — The future of Nevada sports betting
  • 20:15 — Huge online poker news
  • 27:10 — DraftKings, FanDuel and player feedback
  • 31:00 — Can DFS co-exist with legal sports betting?

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TheLines Podcast Episode 1: The Supreme Court Decision Is Coming

Brett Collson April 27, 2018
TheLines Podcast

The state of New Jersey is currently fighting to overturn a 1992 law that prohibits states from legalizing sports betting. The case, Murphy vs. NCAA, has been in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States for several months.

If the rumblings about New Jersey being a favorite to win prove accurate, the Garden State could be permitted to offering legal, real-money sports betting as early as May 2018 (if the decision comes that soon). It could also pave the way for legal wagering nationwide.

In the first episode of TheLines Podcast, hosts Matt Brown, Brett Collson and Dustin Gouker discuss the origins of the case and break down the possible outcomes of the SCOTUS decision, along with the potential impact of each.

And if you’ve just stumbled upon the for the first time, be sure to listen in for an introduction to our new site and what you can expect to find here as the sports betting industry progresses in the U.S.

Have thoughts about the podcast? Anything you’d like us to discuss next week? Reach out to us on Twitter at @TheLinesUS or individually @MattBrownM2, @brettcollson and @DustinGouker.

You Can Bet On And Watch The League Of Legends Worlds Final At A Vegas Casino

Brett Collson October 20, 2017

The Downtown Grand in Las Vegas will be the only place in the US where you can both legally bet on and watch the League of Legends World Championships final next month.

The hotel and casino announced it will be hosting a watch party for the final match at its dedicated esports facility.

League of Legends in Las Vegas

The Downtown Grand has led the way on esports betting and esports in general in Las Vegas.

So it’s no shock that it is catering to esports fans for the biggest event on the LoL calendar.

The Downtown Grand will host a viewing party for the championship match on Saturday, Nov. 4, beginning at 4 p.m. in the property’s dedicated esports venue, The Commissary.

The event will feature food and drink specials, games and raffles during what the property is calling a “free and immersive viewing party experience.”

Betting on LoL worlds

Also, no other casino in the state — or in the US for that matter — is offering for LoL betting for worlds.

Wagers must be placed by midnight on Nov. 3 for the final match.

The Downtown Grand was the first US casino to take a bet on an esports competition in 2016, when it booked wagers on an LoL event in Oakland, Calif.

Worlds are currently in the midst of the quarterfinals in China. It’s one of the most heavily bet esports events of the year.

More on the Downtown Grand esports experience

There are few, if any, places in the world that cater to esports quite like the Downtown Grand.

The Commissary is more than just a place to watch esports. It also provides the “latest gaming rigs, a high-speed and secure network, the best peripherals and state of the art streaming equipment so gamers can have the experience they desire,” according to the resort. It’s operated almost 200 esports tournaments.

The Downtown Grand also features its “Esports Boot Camp Room” for training and “Gamer Suites” for teams to stay in while in town.

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Competition coming?

Las Vegas will get a dedicated esports arena soon.

Luxor will open its venue in Q1 of next year. But that property does not have a sportsbook.

That means the Downtown Grand will still be a destination for those who want to both bet on and watch esports.