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By virtue of a November 2018 referendum, Arkansas fully legalized sports betting. Now, the Natural State is offering real-money sports wagering as of July 1 after hammering out the regulatory details.

Where can I bet on sports in Arkansas?

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort was approved to begin accepting wagers on July 1 on followed through with its sportsbook opening on the same day.

Oaklawn has already begun construction on a $100 million expansion project at Hot Springs. The plan, according to property manager Wayne Smith, is for Oaklawn to incorporate sports betting into its existing racebook on the casino floor.

Oaklawn has partnered with SBTech to provide on-site mobile betting on the property. Currently, mobile betting off the casino property in Arkansas is prohibited.

Arkansas Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Arkansas?

Yes. Arkansas voters approved a referendum in November 2018 to legalize sports betting.

Can I bet online on my phone in Arkansas?

Not yet. The current casino rules expressly prohibit off-premise wagering, which includes mobile betting. A bill to legalize mobile sports betting died in a Senate committee in April 2019. However, the issue could certainly return, particularly if retail wagering goes crazy if it launches.

When will sports betting launch in Arkansas?

Arkansas sports betting launched on July 1 at the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort.

Is any gambling legal in Arkansas?

Yes. Surprisingly, Arkansas dove headfirst into gambling with the November 2018 referendum. The same measure that legalized sports betting also called for the establishment of up to four Vegas-style casinos. There are also multiple horse tracks available in the state.

What is the legal gambling age in Arkansas?

21, for the most part, although 18-year-olds can bet on horses.

Is Bovada legal in Arkansas?

No. Bovada, MyBookie and other offshore sportsbooks exist in a grey legal area. Exercise caution if you choose to play on these sites, as they are not legal, regulated American companies. In the case of disputes, recouping one’s loss may prove quite difficult.

Can I bet with my friends legally in Arkansas?

Generally speaking, no. Arkansas is a state without much leeway for gambling, and until recently, was hostile to most expressions of it. Though times may be changing there, it is still a bad idea to gamble privately in the Natural State.

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