Space Between Chase Field And Phoenix Suns Arena Prime Sports Betting Real Estate?

Written By Derek Helling on May 20, 2021
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If you own a billboard near Chase Field or Phoenix Suns Arena, you might be about to hit the jackpot. The 1/5th of a mile between the two stadiums could soon be the most valuable real estate for Arizona sportsbook advertising in the state, if not the country.

Even if it doesn’t become the most valuable, it still might be the most saturated with such marketing. Even Arizonians’ cell phones might become part of the brand blitz.

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Why is that area a potential Arizona sportsbook advertising hotspot?

Between the two arenas you’ll find businesses like Coach’s Corner Grill, the Crown Public House, and Willie’s Taco Joint. In the near future, you might not be able to walk without tripping over a sportsbook ad.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have already announced a deal with Caesars for a sportsbook at Chase Field. The Phoenix Suns got in on Arizona sports betting a little earlier. They are in league with FanDuel Sportsbook.

Because of the proximity of the stadiums, it’s impractical to geo-fence either to keep the competition out. Additionally, AZ law doesn’t allow for it. Thus, Caesars Sportsbook and FanDuel will clash between S 3rd and S 4th streets in Phoenix.

It’s unclear what forms that will take. Physical signage on buildings, posts, and other features around both/either stadium is a possibility. However, the real struggle for bettors’ attention might take place in digital form.

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Dueling promos around the stadiums

AZ law doesn’t allow for geofencing as far as exclusivity zones go. That doesn’t mean both/either AZ sportsbooks couldn’t use geolocation technology for promotional purposes in the area. As a matter of fact, there are incentives to do so.

Even with the retail books in the immediate area, it’s still likely that the majority of the wagering happening there will be on bettors’ phones. Neither brand wants to lose handle to the other because of a lack of awareness or putting out an inferior product.

Thus it’s quite possible that both companies’ sports betting apps could have special promos triggered by geolocation markers in the area. As soon as a user of the apps enters that block between E Jackson and E Jefferson St, the push notifications could start flying.

Nowhere else in the country, so far, are two competing retail sportsbooks inside stadiums with mobile components so close to each other. That result could be a great situation for AZ bettors. The competition could breed many generous offers for years to come.

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