Why American Gaming Association Is Backing Anti-Human Trafficking Bill

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
American Gaming Association Human trafficking

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has formally endorsed an anti-human trafficking bill authored by Congressmen David Valadao of California and Troy Carter of Louisiana. The legislation would create a program backed by the Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign. It would certify employers that train their workers on identifying and combating human trafficking.

WHY American Gaming Association Endorsed Anti-Human Trafficking Bill

While the AGA mainly focuses on casino gaming, retail sports betting, and the online sports betting industry, it released a statement in full support of this new measure. The anti-human trafficking legislation was filed on Tuesday and focuses on creating a system to combat human trafficking. Companies would have a better understanding of identifying signs of human trafficking and ways to prevent it.

Companies would be trained specifically to see signs of human trafficking ongoing in their businesses. The focus is on the hospitality, entertainment, and transportation industries. Therefore, the AGA has taken an interest in encouraging casino resorts and hotels to participate. This is viewed as a vulnerable sector for human trafficking.

“Businesses across hospitality, entertainment and transportation have a responsibility to bolster the front lines in the fight against human trafficking and the gaming industry is wholly committed to this imperative. The AGA thanks Reps. Valadao and Carter for their commitment to combating this detestable crime and for recognizing businesses that share this commitment.”

Bill Miller, AGA President and CEO

The AGA has been working to combat human trafficking in the U.S. through programs. In January, the AGA partnered with RG24seven Virtual Training to launch an online training program during Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The program is free of charge, and it teaches gaming industry employees how to combat human trafficking.

To request organization-wide access to the training, gaming company executives, managers and other representatives can contact [email protected].

California Congressman: hotels ‘first line of defense’

Congressman Valadao expressed his motivation behind the measure. Valadao said California is currently dealing with the most human trafficking reports in the country, and it is greatly impacting residents. The entertainment, transportation, and hospitality industries are the “first line of defense” in detecting and combating human trafficking, according to the Congressman.

Lawmakers hope that companies adopting training for their workforce to identify human trafficking will lead to progress in the fight against it.

The measure was filed in the House of Representatives. If it is signed into law, the measure would establish the program no later than one year after it is enacted.

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