How Does SB LVIII Host Stadium Stack Up Against Other Stadiums?

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Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, will host Super Bowl 58 on Feb. 11. Opening in 2020, the Allegiant, home to the Las Vegas Raiders, is the second-most expensive stadium in the US. Construction, which began in 2017, cost $1.9 billion to complete

How else does Allegiant compare to other NFL stadiums?

Comparing Allegiant capacity to previous Super Bowl stadiums

Allegiant may be the sparkly new stadium on the NFL block, but it doesn’t mean it’s the biggest. Allegiant can hold up to 65,000 sports fans under the dome — the fourth-least amount of all the stadiums. In preparing for Super Bowl 2024, the Las Vegas Raiders have also confirmed that they plan to add more suites.

Comparatively, State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ, hosted last year’s Super Bowl. This stadium opened in 2006 and has a max capacity of 72,200 — 7,200 more fans than Allegiant.

Of the 30 NFL stadiums, Caesars Superdome in New Orleans tops the list and can hold 83,000 people.

Comparing construction cost

State Farm Stadium is nearly 20 years old, so its construction cost was significantly lower at $455 million ($660 million today, adjusting for inflation). The stadium implemented renovations in 2017 for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four and the Fiesta Bowl.

SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA, is brand new, like Allegiant, as they opened within months of each other in 2020. Super Bowl 2022 was held at SoFi, the most expensive stadium to construct, costing $5.5 billion. SoFi has a capacity of 70,240 people — 5,240 more than Allegiant.

New vs. old: How Allegiant compares to older stadiums

With Allegiant Stadium tied with SoFi Stadium as the youngest, it is interesting to see how it compares with some of the older NFL stadiums

Just outside the city limits of Las Vegas, Allegiant Stadium is a 10-level domed stadium. The stadium is home to a 275-foot media mesh video screen. Facing Interstate 15 is a curvy dark glass curtain wall exterior. The stadium also has lanai doors that open to a view of the Las Vegas Strip and hosts a pearl-style entrance.

Allegiant takes pride in being an energy-efficient stadium

Allegiant Stadium hosts a retractable grass field that has 72 motors that carry 895,000 cubic yards of concrete, metal and grass. The transparent ETFE roof can withstand high corrosion and offer strong resistance over various temperatures. In addition to its ETFE, the venue also features a high-efficiency cooling tower chiller plant and air handling units. LEDs throughout the stadium also lessen the electrical burden, according to the stadium’s website.

Top 5 oldest NFL stadiums

5. Caesars Superdome

Year Opened: 1975
Location: New Orleans, NO
Current Capacity: 76,468

Caesars Superdome, the former home of the New Orleans Saints, has hosted seven Super Bowls and five NCAA Championships. Following damages caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Superdome became a symbol for locals. It reopened in 2006 and has seen several renovations over the years. While not currently an NFL stadium, locals still view it as part of New Orleans football history.

4. Highmark Stadium

Year Opened: 1973
Location: Buffalo, NY
Current Capacity: 71,608

Home of the Buffalo Bills, this is the fourth-oldest stadium. This stadium came about once the NFL and AFL merged in the 1970s. With its location, the Highmark Stadium has granted the Bills one of the best home-field advantages in the league because of how cold it gets. As the Bills continue to be a contending team, the stadium’s location remains noteworthy.

3. Arrowhead

Year Opened: 1972
Location: Kansas City, MO
Current Capacity: 76,416

Arrowhead is one of the most famous stadiums in the league. Home of the reigning Super Bowl champion, the Kansas City Chiefs, this stadium stands out for its home-field advantage. It has been widely considered the loudest stadium for opponents to play in. Arrowhead holds the 2014 world record for noise. Fans registered a world record 142.2 decibels against the New England Patriots that year.

2. Lambeau Field

Year Opened: 1957
Location: Green Bay, WI
Current Capacity: 81,441

Home of the Green Bay Packers, some say Lambeau is the most iconic football stadium in the NFL. Due to years of expansion, Lambeau is one of the oldest stadiums and one of the largest. Lambeau Field is the fifth-largest stadium in the league. The stadium holds 81,441 in a city of 104,879, meaning most of the city can fit in the stadium during games.

1. Soldier Field

Year Opened: 1924
Location: Chicago, IL
Current Capacity: 61,500

While the oldest stadium in the league by far, it did not become home to the Chicago Bears until 1971. In addition to its storied football history, Soldier Field has been home to iconic speeches from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr. and General Douglas MacArthur. The stadium lost its landmark designation after renovations in 2002. Despite this, locals still revered it as an iconic location for both football and the city of Chicago.

Comparing Allegiant NFL ticket costs 

Regular Season

The average cost of an NFL game ticket in the regular season across the league is $337. An average ticket for a Raiders game at Allegiant Stadium during the regular season is $499.


Understandably so, the average price increases during the playoffs. Depending on the round of the playoffs and the matchup, prices can range drastically.

For example, the divisional playoff matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys saw tickets ranging from $467 to $9,825, averaging $1,047. The Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team in the league in terms of market value as a franchise.

Las Vegas Raiders playoff tickets go for an average of $795. The Raiders do not rank in the top 20 most popular NFL franchises in terms of market value.

Super Bowl

Since Allegiant will be hosting the Super Bowl this year, seeing how Super Bowl 2024’s tickets compare to past Super Bowls is interesting. At SoFi in 2022, the average Super Bowl ticket was $5,823. At State Farm last year, the average Big Game ticket price was $3,480.  

The average price for tickets to Super Bowl 2024 will be $5,596, with the most expensive single-ticket price around $10,175.

Allegiant Stadium Beer Cost Compared To Others

The average cost for a beer at Allegiant Stadium is $10 USD. Allegiant is average in that regard. Previous Super Bowl host State Farm Arena charges fans an average of $7 USD while SoFi Stadium charges $11 USD for beer. Hard Rock Stadium in Miami offers the lowest price on beer at $5. Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, charges fans the most with $12 USD for a beer.

Allegiant stands out as a modern NFL stadium

Being a newer stadium, Allegiant understandably has features not found in older stadiums. While Allegiant cannot compare to the historic locations in terms of cultural significance, the modern design and energy-efficient structure sets it apart.

Additionally, the cost to attend games is similar compared to the rest of the league, even with it being a newer stadium. Allegiant Stadium does stand out in the league in many ways. Fans will have a great experience attending games at Allegiant Stadium as they would at any of the stadiums in the NFL. Those attending Super Bowl 58 will find Allegiant more than qualified to be a great host.