2020 Presidential Election Odds: Joe Biden Pulls Even With Donald Trump

Written By Chops | Last Updated
A month ago, Bernie Sanders was headed into the Nevada caucus riding a crest of momentum. Having finished second in Iowa and winning New Hampshire, Sanders was the clear Democratic front-runner. Joe Biden was an after-thought. The question wasn’t, “When will Biden’s campaign get on track?” Instead, it was, “This is getting sad. When will Biden drop out?” His 2020 Presidential election odds had plummeted to the +2500 range. One month later, Biden is cruising to the Democratic nomination. And he’s now pulled even with Donald Trump in betting markets.
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Donald Trump no longer odds-on favorite to win presidency

Trump’s re-election odds were pushing -175 just a couple weeks ago. However, his response and attitude around the COVID-19 outbreak — and the economic downturn that’s come with it — has made an impact. Trump is now priced between +100 and +110, same as Biden. Interestingly, Mike Pence has seen his 2020 presidential odds shoot up to the +2500 to +2800 range, same as Bernie Sanders.
CandidatePredictIt Price or MarketEquivalent OddsBet365 Odds
Ron DeSantis$0.28 – Bet NOW+257+275
Donald Trump$0.27 – Bet NOW+270+275
Joe Biden$0.21 – Bet NOW+376+650
Kamala Harris$0.08 – Bet NOW+1150 +1400
Gavin Newsom$0.07 – Bet NOW+1329+1400
Pete Buttigieg$0.07 – Bet NOW+1329+2800
Mike PencePence files for President before 2023?N/A+1800
Nikki HaleyFemale President in 2024?N/A+2000
Michelle ObamaFemale President in 2024?N/A+2500
Elizabeth WarrenDem 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+3300
Elise StefanikFemale President in 2024?N/A+4000
Hillary ClintonFemale President in 2024?N/A+4000
Mike PompeoGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+5000
AOCAOC files for President before 2024?N/A+5000
Dwayne JohnsonN/AN/A+5000
Candace OwensFemale President in 2024?N/A+5000
Ivanka TrumpGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+5000
Tucker CarlsonGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+5000
Jeff BezosN/AN/A+6000
Ted CruzGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+6600

Biden cruising to nomination

Despite a poor showing against Sanders in their Sunday night debate, don’t expect anything to slow Joe Biden down from winning the nomination. The coronavirus coverage is absolutely dominating the news cycle. There is nothing Sanders can do at this stage to overcome the volume of COVID-19 stories in the news cycle. From a betting perspective, there’s a finality (finally) to who the 2020 election choices are.