2020 Election Odds: Cuomo Surges Ahead Of Sanders, But Is He Really A Viable Candidate?

Written By Chops | Last Updated
Is New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo a viable presidential candidate? Betting markets seem to think he is. As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the United States, Cuomo is increasingly becoming a trusted, steady voice. He is, essentially, what many think Donald Trump is not. Recently, Cuomo appeared on 2020 presidential election odds markets as a viable contender.
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Andrew Cuomo 2020 presidential election odds

Cuomo is now priced around +2000 to +2200. His rise in the spotlight — and subsequent appeal as a presidential candidate — mirrors a fellow New Yorker’s national ascension from 20 years ago. Post 9/11, Rudy Giuliani became America’s mayor. His compassion and handling of the tragedy won him plaudits across the country. Being in the media hub of the world, as well as ground zero for the pandemic in the US, Cuomo is garnering similar accolades. Cuomo has never met an open mic he didn’t like. His daily press conferences and cable news interviews have positioned him as the go-to public voice on COVID-19 for the country. He’s outshined Trump. And he’s totally taken spotlight off of and away from Joe Biden among Democrats.

Current 2020 election odds

CandidatePredictIt Price or MarketEquivalent OddsBet365 Odds
Ron DeSantis$0.28 – Bet NOW+257+275
Donald Trump$0.27 – Bet NOW+270+275
Joe Biden$0.21 – Bet NOW+376+650
Kamala Harris$0.08 – Bet NOW+1150 +1400
Gavin Newsom$0.07 – Bet NOW+1329+1400
Pete Buttigieg$0.07 – Bet NOW+1329+2800
Mike PencePence files for President before 2023?N/A+1800
Nikki HaleyFemale President in 2024?N/A+2000
Michelle ObamaFemale President in 2024?N/A+2500
Elizabeth WarrenDem 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+3300
Elise StefanikFemale President in 2024?N/A+4000
Hillary ClintonFemale President in 2024?N/A+4000
Mike PompeoGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+5000
AOCAOC files for President before 2024?N/A+5000
Dwayne JohnsonN/AN/A+5000
Candace OwensFemale President in 2024?N/A+5000
Ivanka TrumpGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+5000
Tucker CarlsonGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+5000
Jeff BezosN/AN/A+6000
Ted CruzGOP 2024 Presidential nominee?N/A+6600

But is Cuomo a viable Democratic presidential candidate?

No. It’s too late. Too many delegates are spoken for, even as the primary process has grounded to a halt. The logistics of getting on ballots in the remaining primary states is a virtual impossibility. But that doesn’t mean Cuomo can’t run. He’d just have to go the Ross Perot route as an independent. However, surging in April is likely too late. The grassroots and digital campaigns that candidates must run in modern elections can’t simply pop up overnight. Bottomline is: Cuomo at +2000, or any price, simply isn’t viable.

Cuomo as Veep?

What does make sense is Cuomo as Biden’s VP. Not that Biden lacks bite, but the VP on the ticket is often tasked with being the bulldog. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, and it’s impending economic fallout, leaves him very vulnerable. Cuomo’s bonafides as a voice of authority in managing the crisis make him a very attractive running mate. The Democrats haven’t done much right when it comes to Presidential politics the past five years. If they hope to boot Trump from the White House, Cuomo as the #2 on the ticket gives them their best chance.