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October 16, 2018

Ready To Roundball Rock? Here’s The Guide To In-Play NBA Betting In New Jersey

Grant Lucas October 16, 2018
NBA in-play

Certain songs tap into nostalgia, instill excitement and signify the beginning of a long-awaited time of year.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, radio stations begin blasting Christmas carols. March Madness starts playing “One Shining Moment.” Remember Hank Williams Jr? “Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?”

For the NBA, the great anthem of John Tesh rings in the new year: Roundball Rock.

Lo, the NBA season has arrived. For sports betting as a whole, it becomes another arrow in the quiver of wagering options. For New Jersey sports bettingKambi-powered mobile sportsbooks, per a release by the company, “will be the only place to go as the leading sports betting supplier prepares to offer a raft of updated props hoop-by-hoop.”

Kambi enters NBA realm

Certainly, the NFL will continue to attract the most attention and the most wagers. Football, after all, remains the most popular sports in the country.

The global influence of the NBA, however, could make the sport a contender. And with Kambi, not all NBA bets need rely solely on game outcomes.

According to the release, Kambi-powered sportsbooks in the Garden State will boast the “market-leading offer” beginning with Tuesday’s season-opening NBA games: Philadelphia 76ers at Boston CelticsOklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors.

Every day, Kambi will offer pre-game and in-play betting options as well as “in-running lines” on individual player totals that will update with each passing minute.

“The NBA has become extremely popular over the last few years, with the game becoming faster, smarter and teams relying on analytics more than ever before,” Stefanos Moysidis, Kambi Head of Live Basketball, said in the release. “Superstars are dominating games with a barrage of three-pointers and bettors are increasingly wanting to wager on high-profile players and choose their own lines. At Kambi we have embraced these changes and developed our offering to cater for this new and more informed audience.”

What’s included

Of the eight mobile sportsbooks in New Jersey, three are powered by Kambi:

At each, according to the release, a variety of in-play wagers will be offered by Kambi, which already features “result of current drive” for NFL games and “nearest to the pin” in golf.

Take Tuesday’s Thunder-Warriors matchup. Is Golden State’s Steph Curry in a rhythm? Bet on the over on his individual points line as the game goes on. Is the Warriors’ Kevin Durant struggling from the field? Take the under on his point total.

A more-intricate wagering option has bettors predicting the next made field goal: two-pointer or 3-pointer. All told, Kambi’s in-play betting, to quote the release, creates “a fast-paced wagering experience from tip-off to final buzzer.”

In addition to in-play betting, Kambi will offer an array of pre-game alternative lines and relevant in-game lines, which allows bettors to be picky with which lines on which to wager rather than relying on the traditional point spread or moneyline.

So while Kambi continues to take advantage (and reap the rewards) of the popularity of the NFL season, do not forget about the NBA. With in-play wagering and the variety of lines offered, bettors will be able to stay engaged during any given NBA game, whether it comes down to the final shot or the Warriors run away with a 40-point win.

You can bet on that.

Our #1 Sportsbook Choice.

Have The Golden State Warriors Ruined NBA Betting?

Chops October 16, 2018
Warriors NBA Betting

The 2018-19 NBA season tips off Tuesday night. The season is an inevitable slog with a predetermined final result: the Golden State Warriors will end up as champions again.

When ring-chasing-burner-account-having-uber-sensitive-rabbit-eared Kevin Durant joined the Warriors, the team basically broke basketball. Nobody really stands a chance if they’re at full strength.

While the Houston Rockets were a Chris Paul injury away from possibly upending the Warriors title run last year, they’ve taken a few ticks back this season. Nobody stacks up to Golden State. They’ve made the season irrelevant.

And they’re ruining NBA futures betting, too.

Basketball outright handle at an all-time low

The Warriors enter the season at -200 to three-peat. According to Sportsoddshistory.com, no other team in the past 30 years has been a pre-season odds-on favorite to win the championship. The Warriors have been a preseason favorite three years in a row.

This is impacting the overall handle on basketball outrights (future bets taken on winning the title).

It’s gotten so bad that handle on NHL futures EXCEEDS that of the NBA in Las Vegas. What the puck!?

Parity is the problem

The NBA is a star-driven league. A couple of superstars joining forces significantly shift a team’s championship odds. The Warriors have five potential Hall of Famers in their starting lineup (and maybe seven overall if Boogie Cousins gets his body and head right, or Andre Iguodala grinds out another Finals MVP). Their outright dominance kills the action.

Parity reigns supreme in the NHL, and to varying degrees in the NFL and MLB as well.

Unless you’re an obnoxious Golden State fan, their dominance has taken the fun out of the NBA season. They say money talks, and the lack of wagering on NBA futures backs it up.

Having said that, one bettor was willing to place a $67,736.25 wager on the Warriors to make the playoffs at -10,000 odds … so in six months he can cash in a whopping $677.35 return on that investment.

The Warriors start the season as 13-point favorites against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder title odds clock in at anywhere from +3000 at some Vegas sportsbooks to +3400 on FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey.

NBA outright title odds in NJ

Golden State-225-205-210
LA Lakers+2200+2200+3300
OKC Thunder+2200+2800+2600
San Antonio+6000+4000+10000
LA Clippers+10000+20000+21000
New Orleans+15000+12500+18000
NY Knicks+300000+500000N/A

Casino Sportsbooks Are Already Falling Behind Upstarts Like DraftKings, FanDuel

Marc Meltzer October 16, 2018

The repeal of PASPA is changing sports betting forever. Nevada no longer has a monopoly on single-game sports betting. Not only are more states offering sports wagering, but there are new sportsbook operators in the United States.

These new operators in the US have a different way of doing business behind the counter and in front of the counter. For better or worse, new sportsbook operators are offering different kinds of odds for bettors.

There have been hiccups like FanDuel Sportsbook glitch in New Jersey and the high vig at DraftKings sportsbook when it opened. While experienced sports bettors are up in arms, the new sports bettors in New Jersey are lining up to fire away at both sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks on social media

At the same time, the competition in new states is strong. The new sportsbook operators like FanDuel, DraftKings, and SugarHouse are regularly offering odds promotions. In fact, FanDuel offers a Daily Odds boost on certain bets.

These regular promotions are a new tactic in the United States. Casino sportsbook operators in the United States rarely offer odds promotions. In Nevada, you’ll have to keep up on personal Twitter accounts of sportsbook workers to see the occasional deals. Sometimes they’ll share the information with the media but that’s not very often.

This DraftKings Sportsbook tweet is just a heads up on what they’re offering bettors. There’s nothing fancy — just a reminder that customers won’t be able to wager on the playoffs for much longer.

The new sportsbook operators aren’t just using Twitter to promote themselves. Bettors will receive odds promotions straight to their mobile device if notifications are turned on. FanDuel sends out special wagering opportunities before a variety of big games.


Between mobile and social media marketing, the new companies are reaching customers where they are at all times. They’re not waiting for bettors to find them. This active approach is helping the companies out of the box.

New Jersey sports betting revenue

September sports betting revenue in New Jersey was big. You can already see a difference between traditional casino sportsbook operators and the operators with a focus on mobile wagering.

Legacy Casino Sportsbook Operators

Bally’s (Caesars Entertainment)
Retail – $394,046
Digital – $106,463

Borgata (MGM Resorts)
Retail – $2,394,106
Digital – $120,938

Harrah’s (Caesars Entertainment)
Retail – $310,766
Digital – NA

New Sportsbook Operators

SugarHouse (Golden Nugget)
Retail – $619,030
Digital – $499,414

FanDuel (Meadowlands)
Retail – $4,377,474
Digital – $2,852,548

Resorts (DraftKings and BetStars)
Retail – $279,492
Digital – $8,505,940

Hybrid Operator

Ocean Resort (William Hill)
Retail – $999,858
Digital – $292,081

Monmouth Park (William Hill)
Retail – $2,138,097
Digital – $70,785

This isn’t about winners and losers but there’s a noticeable trend that sportsbook operators who actively promote their sportsbook product online and via mobile are seeing plenty of business. As expected, FanDuel and DraftKings combine for the vast majority of mobile wagers in New Jersey. Their mobile apps are great and combine for 87% of digital revenue in the state.

MGM Resorts’ Borgata is the shining star of the traditional casino sportsbook operators. Caesars Entertainment’s properties are lagging behind the competition.

Marketing to a new customer

The new sportsbook operators use twitter the same way their customers do. Sometimes they’re sassy, other times they just share a video clip of the game that’s on, and maybe they’re just sharing silly (sometimes obnoxious) gifs about the games.

Most importantly, the new sportsbooks are in touch with current events in sports. FanDuel Sportsbook will frequently retweet a news article with betting odds at their sportsbook. This isn’t rocket science. They’re just being relevant and marketing to their customers.

Meanwhile, the main social media accounts for casinos have a bit more broadly focused. Casinos have restaurants, traditional gaming, shows, and more to market than just sports betting.

A few casino sportsbooks have their own social media accounts but aren’t very active. You’ll typically find more information about the sportsbook by following the people who work at the properties.

What’s the right strategy for sportsbooks?

We’re still in the beginning stages of expanded sports betting so there’s no right or wrong here. There are just different approaches. However, it does seem that aggressive marketing and promotions by the new sportsbooks in New Jersey is attracting attention and business from the new sports bettors.

If the new sportsbook operators are onto something, the casino sportsbook operators better move quick or they’ll be left in the dust. Legacy brands mean less to younger customers than older customers because they’ve had less time to form a bond.

Fans and customers can be captured quickly online. Once a customer finds a sportsbook brand that they like they may never leave. If casinos want their sportsbook operations to reach their full potential they may have to change social and marketing tactics.

This is a new day for sportsbooks and sports bettors. The legacy companies better act fast or they could lose the market they once had to themselves.

Don Best Is Starting Sports Betting Camps Because, Hey, Somebody Has To Take Suckers’ Money

Chops October 16, 2018
Don Best Sports Betting Camp

Back during the poker boom years, one of the biggest wastes of money burgeoning early businesses was poker camps.

The World Poker Tour had a boot camp. The World Series of Poker had an academy. Howard Lederer and Annie Duke had their fantasy camp as well.

And people paid money for this. Good money. They really did. Lots of people.

So post-PASPA, it was inevitable someone would bring this model to sports betting.

And someone did!

No shocker, Steve Berman, who was the brains behind the old WPT boot camps, is launching the DonBestBetCamp.  If anyone knows the template to take all of these gullible rubes’ money to grow this as a viable business, he’d be one of the guys.

Here’s how the camp is described by Don Best in a press release:

DonBestBetCamp is a one-day, hands-on experience filled with live instruction, guest speakers, and the introduction to techniques and sports betting technology proprietary to Don Best Sports Corporation. The curriculum will be designed to provide an understanding and knowledge for more informed betting on all sports from pro and College football, basketball, baseball and hockey to the college games. The betting camps were spurred by Berman’s highly-successful and well-received WPT Boot Camps.

Scoff all you want, but there’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. When Scientific Games is buying your business and ESPN’s Darren Rovell is giving your camp free publicity, maybe you’re doing something right.

As noted in Rovell’s tweet, the camp is partnered with FanDuel Sportsbook at Meadowlands. FanDuel can cross-market this to its New Jersey sports betting database. People are going to attend these camps.

The $449 per camp price tag is only a fraction of what camp attendees will lose over their lifetime from actually betting on sports. When you think of it in those terms, the camp is actually a serious value.

The first camp takes place on Nov. 16 at Meadowlands. There will be camps in Las Vegas, Biloxi and other sites in the U.S. in the future.

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