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March 20, 2018

NCAA Tournament Betting: What Even Matters Anymore

Chops March 20, 2018
NCAA Tournament Betting

The NCAA men’s basketball schedule is increasingly becoming like this SNL skit. The old rules don’t apply. Seeds are irrelevant. Everyone’s bracket is busted. When it comes to the NCAA Tournament, what really matters anymore?

Vegas Gonna Vegas

ESPN Chalk detailed some of the variant action from this past weekend of madness. Suffice to say, Vegas did well.

  • Twelve-seed New Mexico State had 81% of action with William Hill against 5-seed Clemson. Clemson won that game, covering the spread, and then went on to have the biggest smackdown performance of the tournament in the next round vs. Auburn.
  • Teams with the most bets or total money placed to win the tournament included Arizona (out in Round 1) and Michigan State (Round 2).

Then there were backdoor covers that crushed hopes and dreams in the final minute, like this:


Yes, many sports bettors had a rough weekend. Las Vegas in a sense did too. It’s estimated that Vegas will only see 3% of the $10B wagered on the NCAA tournament.

Still, that doesn’t hurt as bad as the person who wagered $2,000 to win $26 when Cincinnati was a 99.9% favorite to win their game with 11 minutes left.

Or anyone who had Xavier at -12 in the first half and had to live through this:

Nothing is sacred, nothing matters, and no spread is safe. It’s truly March Madness.

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